International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

On November 10 2011 DSC Dredge LLC and Supreme Dredge & Processing LLC form a new company – Supreme-DSC Dredge LLC a Louisiana-based corporation with its major manufacturing component in Stoneboro Pennsylvania. The company allows the two companies to combine forces to complement each others’ product lines and build clamshell dredges for aggregate mining.

A request by a Midwest aggregate producer for a 16-cubic-yard clamshell dredge was the catalyst for finalizing the new company which began in business with an order already on the books for the dredge which will have a 200-foot dredging depth gantry-style hoist frame 50-ton electric hoist and a full range of processing and conveying equipment.

The customer was using a cutter suction dredge that could not penetrate a layer of hard cobblestones and wanted information on clamshell dredges.

“After touring their site and watching the dredging and processing plant in operation we were confident that our clamshell would be able to penetrate their deposit and retrieve much more of their valuable reserves” said Neil Hoobler president of Supreme-DSC. The customer purchased a small used clamshell dredge to test the capability of mining the deposit mechanically but it was not big enough to meet their prosecution requirements but wanted to prove it could dig the deposit. Once they were satisfied that it could dig the deposit they were ready to proceed with a larger machine. They signed a letter of intent in October and completed their selections for the processing equipment in November resulting in the order for the 16-yard dredge. It is scheduled to be commissioned in August 2012.

“We are very excited with our alignment with Neil and David Hoobler” said Bob Wetta operating manager of Supreme-DSC Dredge. “The Hooblers are known as a leader in the industry for custom clamshell dredges. DSC is known as a leader for custom hydraulic dredges. The joining of forces will allow for continued growth and allow for multiple manufacturing locations” he said.

DSC has three manufacturing facilities in Poplarville Mississippi; Greenbush Michigan and headquarters in Reserve Louisiana. Supreme is a major clamshell dredge manufacturer in the U.S. Supreme-DSC Dredge will offer the full Supreme product line including dredges conveying systems bins and hoppers work boats rock barges and buckets.