International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Officials in Martin County Florida are securing the dredging equipment working on the Manatee Pocket maintenance project as Hurricane Irene approaches the coast.

“Although the storm is currently tracking farther east in an abundance of caution we are still taking steps to prepare for it” said Martin County Coastal Engineer Kathy FitzPatrick.

Dredging in the pocket will be suspended on Wednesday August 24 and will likely resume on Monday August 29. This allows time for the water currently in the material handling area to drain off creating room for the area to absorb the rainfall that is expected to occur.

The hydraulic dredge will be secured in the center of the main channel to keep the equipment away from shore. The mechanical dredge and barge will also be secured in Manatee Creek.

“We are following the steps that are outlined in the project’s emergency response plan. The contractor will continue monitoring the storm track and will remain on site throughout the weekend” FitzPatrick said.