International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) was the apparent low bidder on the Pelican Island Barataria Shoreline Restoration project on the coast of Plaquemines Parish Louisiana.

Bidding on 11 items and two optional items GLDD’s total bid was $43132953. Weeks Marine was the only other bidder with a total of $45464400 for 12 bid items and two options.

The government estimate was $50458050 for 12 bid items and two options. GLDD did not submit an amount for sea turtle relocation trawling which was $100000 on the government estimate and for which Weeks bid $64000.
The bids were opened on July 11.

“An award has not yet been made but is anticipated prior to the end of September 2011 and Notice to Proceed (NTP) shortly after award if everything goes as planned” said Pamela Wittle-Stichweh project manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Habitat Conservation.

The project is an environmental restoration project and consists of the dredging and placement of an estimated amount of 2000000 cubic yards of beach and dune fill borrowed from designated sites in the Gulf of Mexico.

Project specifications require the placement of beach fill on the Gulf side of the island to construct about 13000 linear feet of dune to an elevation of +6 feet NAVD with an average crest width of approximately 180 feet. The project includes dredging to place approximately 1600000 cubic yards of marsh fill to construct about 350 acres of marsh platform on the bay side of the island at an elevation of +2.6 feet NAVD.

Project features include the construction of about 15430 feet of containment dikes installation of 13890 feet of sand fencing and pre- and post-post construction surveys. The project also includes construction of a 490-foot long extension to the existing jetty. In the event that a hopper dredge is used for any portion of the work sea turtle protection measures shall be required.