International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

A Preview of the Weda 31/Tamu 42 Exhibitors

American Chemical Technologies
Booth #212
See Tom Mills
High quality hydraulic fluid greases gear oils and other synthetic and natural products for industrial use.

ARC Surveying & Mapping
Booth #202
See John Sawyer
Winner of the WEDA 2010 “Most Eye Appealing” award for their 3-D hologram of bridge piers. Arc provides both land and hydrographic surveying with hydro their specialty. They serve a range of customers from their Jacksonville Florida offices including the Corps of Engineers NOAA the South Florida Water Management District dredging contractors and engineering companies.

Booth #300
See Mike Chancey
This international company manufactures polymers and flocculants for liquid-solid separation for the treatment of industrial water and wastewater. With branches around the world the company’s Western Hemisphere branches are in Greensboro North Carolina; Trois-Riviéres Quebec City Canada; Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico; and Blumenau Santa Catarina Brazil.

Boats and Harbors
Booth #102
The Boats and Harbors “Yellow Sheet”is a publication/marketplace for marine equipment and boats for sale new or used in the commercial marine industry including barges marine diesel engines even marinas for sale; commercial fishing boats to cargo ships.

Cable Arm Clamshell
Booths #200 & 301
See Ray Bergeron (2010-2011 Dredger of the Year) Darrell Nicolas and Chris Steves
Visit this booth to try out Cable Arm’s bucket positioning systems on one of four monitors set up for the purpose. Ray will have pictures and possibly a model of his level cut environmental and navigation clamshell buckets.

Damen Dredging Equipment B.V.
Booth #203
See Mark Winkelman and David Tenwolde
See Damen’s standard delivery program hopper cutter and DOP pump dredges plus talk to Mark Winkelman about the company’s new RoRo Deep Dredge. He will present a paper on this new design co-authored with his “right hand” Ewout van Duursen which is the answer to dredging sand farther from shore and at greater depths. (See article on page 15.)

Del Tank & Filtration System
Booth #213
See Dan Baker
Sediment dewatering and treatment systems. See article on page 7.

Dredge & Marine Co. LLC
Booth #316
See Alec McDougall and Don King
Founded in 1985 by Don King Dredge & Marine Company LLC provides a complete line of new cutter suction dredges known as The Sandpiper Series. Dredge & Marine also offers new custom-built cutter suction dredges reconditioned/refurbished dredges dredge components and parts dredge equipment and brokering services. Used dredges are listed in The Dredge & Pit Trader. John W. McDougall Co. Inc. purchased DMC finalizing the sale on September 8 2010.

Dredging Supply Co.
Booth #104
See Bob Wetta Bill Wetta and Damon Gonzales
See article on DSC on page 14.

Dredge Technology Corporation
Booth #204
See Ruud Ouwerkerk and Riny Mourik
DTC displays information on the latest developments in IHC’s hopper- and cutter dredge including the 12000 kW cutter suction dredge for the Panama Canal and the renewed Beaver series. Mourik and Ouwerkerk will present papers during the technical session. Mourik will talk on automation and Ouwerkerk will talk on R&D topics including equipment related to lowering the price per cubic yard.

EA Engineering Science Technology
Booth #201
See Peggy Derrick and Melissa Smith
EA Engineering Science and Technology Inc. (EA) provides dredged material management services to federal state and private clients as well as local/regional port authorities throughout the United States. The company provides scientific data and environmental documentation to support project-specific and long-range planning initiatives.
Specialty services include dredged material management plans (DMMPs); ecotoxicological testing; Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA) Section 103 evaluations for ocean placement; ecological risk assessments; and permitting.

Melissa Smith EA’s Business Development Manager was recognized for her outstanding service to the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) and inducted into the Society’s prestigious Academy of Fellows on March 24 2011 during a national ceremony in Arlington Virginia.

EarthCam Inc.
Booth #304
See Joseph Streko
See demonstrations of the company’s live remote cameras Dredging Quality Management (Silent Inspector) software network infrastructure and technical expertise.

E-Crane International USA
Booth #215
See Mark Osborne
Equilibrium cranes with long reach capabilities for dredging applications. Indusign NV a Belgian engineering company is creator and exclusive owner of the E-Crane® product line. E-Crane USA Bucyrus Ohio was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary to serve the American market.

Booth #211
Jim Allan and Doug McGowen
EdgeTech provides underwater acoustic imaging products including side scan sonar sub-bottom profilers bathymetric systems and combined integrated solutions. The underwater imaging devices are available in a variety of configurations including towed pole mounted and hull mounted setups to meet any vessel size or layout and are used throughout the dredging industry.

EdgeTech an ORE Offshore company has been in business for 45 years. Products are EdgeTech 3100 and 3200 sub-bottom profilers. The full spectrum Chirp technology provides high resolution imagery of the sub-bottom materials and layers at penetration depths 200 meters below the sea floor quarry or river bottom surface. This technology has higher penetration and higher resolution than other sonar systems. The EdgeTech side scan sonar systems such as the Model 4125 provide dual simultaneous frequency for shallow water survey. High resolution imagery can detect very small objects on the bottom. The EdgeTech 4600 provides three dimensional bathymetry and high resolution side scan sonar imagery. Visit Booth 211 to get a full explanation and video demonstrations of all these products.

Ellicott Dredges LLC
Booth #222
See article on Ellicott on page 30 of this issue.

Booth #101
See Mark Booker (President of EMCO) and Keith Bosselin (President of G-Tec)
Spirax Sarco EMCO Flow Systems manufactures flow measurement equipment. For the dredging market this includes production flow meter – UniMag DeltaMass production meter (pictured).

Environmental Standards Inc.
Booth #103
A privately held consulting firm specializing in environmental chemistry geosciences environmental data management and indoor air quality/mold issues.

Geo-Synthetics LLC
Booth #314
See Randy Pit
Independent installers of geosynthetic materials for dredged material dewatering using advanced geosynthetic materials. Headquartered in Waukesha Wisconsin the company was founded in 1971.

Huesker Inc
Booth #226
See Forrest Cronia and Brian Baillie
The booth will contain information on the company’s eco-friendly geosynthetics known for their long term design strength and durability. Huesker offers a complete product line of geogrids geocomposites and geotextiles that deliver cost effective geotechnical engineering solutions.
Fortrac® 3D is a flexible three dimensional grid made from high tenacity low creep polyester for veneer stability and erosion protection. Canal® is a geocomposite liner material designed for water containment applications which include canals holding ponds and lagoons. FilterMat™ is a geocomposite designed for containment and absorption of contaminated sediments. It can be used for contaminate capping and turbidity curtain applications. NAPLMat is a geocomposite designed for the containment of large amounts of bulk and dissolved hydrocarbons. It can be used for containment capping contaminant runoff and turbidity curtain applications.

Booth #205
See Christine Roca and Jerry Knisley
HYPACK will showcase their latest HYPACK 2011 HYSWEEP and DREDGEPACK products.

A new program available for dredging is the Matrix viewer which shows Plan view display of each day’s matrix showing progress on dredging projects. Includes the capability to output to JPG or printer device.

HYPACK Inc. has been serving the marine and hydrographic community since 1984 providing the industry with hydrographic and dredging software. Hypack has more than 25 years of experience and 6000 users worldwide. Customers may visit

International Dredging Review
Booth #311
See Nelson Spencer Judith Powers and Jason Koenig
Come by and visit get copies of recent issues and our Directory and pick up a special IDR re-usable bag.

Kongsberg Underwater Technologies Inc
Booth #100
Shallow water surveying and oceanographic survey and mapping equipment.

Kruse Controls Inc.
Booth #303
See Jay Wise and Mike Sassano
They will demonstrate real-time remote data access and reporting system for dredging contractors to view trend and log production downtime and efficiencies of their dredges from anywhere on the planet that they have Internet connectivity.

McDermott Light & Signal
Booth #309
See John Boc
McDermott’s marine navigation lights include dredge lights solar marine lights barge navigation lights tugboat lights buoy lights buoys marine LED lights barge solar lights marker lights anchor lights solar navigation lights and many other marine navigation lights. McDermott’s lights comply with all U.S.C.G. Regulations for marine lights and are certified by a U.S.C.G-approved laboratory.

Booth #308
See Albert “Bubba” Savage
Metso’s exhibit will feature the Thomas Simplicity line of underwater and hull mounted dredge pumps in sizes from 8 to 27.5 inches.

Product information and literature will be available on the complete line of dredge and slurry handling pumps including “Thomas” “Marathon” Metso “Orion” metal and rubber lined pumps suitable for pumping any variety of abrasive materials.

Metso offers a full range of horizontal and vertical slurry pumps used in the dredging and mining industries. Wear parts from a variety of abrasion resistant metals as well a rubber compounds are available to meet the most demanding requirement.

Metso’s focused product development combined with over 60 years of experience from thousands of installations benefits customers with pumps offering life time cost savings and dependable service.

Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co.
Booth #110
See Alex Dick
Mobile Dredging & Pumping Co. a subsidiary of the Carylon Corporation performs hydraulic dredging sewer cleaning industrial vacuuming sludge and sediment dewatering from Maine to Florida. The company is based in Chester Pennsylvania.

Reson Inc.
Booths #218 & 220
Multibeam systems including the company’s SeaBat sonar systems for dredge surveying along with positioning motion sensors sound velocity probes and profilers interface cabling PDS2000 and other software packages and mounting brackets.

Booth #302
See Terri Carruth
See pipeline floats float balls spherical line floats buoys and accessories such as signage lighting and hardware. Terri can advise on the proper flotation system for your pipe diameter and pipeline length.

Sevenson Environmental Services
Booth #306
Sevenson is an environmental remediation firm that has transitioned from land-based remedial action projects into contaminated sediments remediation. This transition began in 1993 when Sevenson was awarded and successfully completed the first large-scale Superfund site sediment remediation project at the Marathon Battery Site Cold Springs New York on the Hudson River. Since then Sevenson has gained significant insight and operational knowledge in environmental dredging dewatering and water treatment and has continued to work on some of the nation’s most visible contaminated sediment sites.
Sevenson owns and operates a full complement of horizontal auger and cutterhead dredges specialized pumping systems piping tanks filter presses centrifuges and related water and filtrate treatment equipment to support its sediment dredging and dewatering projects. The company dredges and dewaters sediments from lakes rivers creeks coves marshes and waste ponds and pits.

Today Sevenson partners with clients and consulting engineers for design and implementation planning at sediment sites throughout the United States. These partnerships have been tested and strengthened through the management execution and safe completion of our projects.

Swamp Trac LLC
Booth #319
See David LaFleur
Swamp Trac was incorporated at the end of 2010 to build and market amphibious dredges. The machines are designed with a variety of excavators mounted on floating tracked pontoon using an open excavator bucket or a clamshell.

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Systems Inc.
Booth #208
See Kim Dailey
Teledyne Odom Hydrographic will feature the new Hydrotrac II single frequency echo sounder along with their latest sound velocity profiler the Digibar S and the small economical CV100 echo sounder. The Hydrotrac II features exciting new Ethernet LAN capability and internal GPS all the while maintaining the same rugged design and outstanding performance.

Tencate GeoTube
Booth #210
Winner of the WEDA 41 |!|Most Educational Exhibit|!| award.

Terra et Aqua/IADC
Booth #312
See Marsha Cohen and Jurgen Dhollander
IADC (International Association of Dredging Companies) is the global umbrella organization for contractors in the private dredging industry. The group is dedicated to promoting the skills integrity and reliability of its members and of the dredging industry in general. IADC has over hundred main and associated members. Together they represent the forefront of the dredging industry.

Terra et Aqua is a high-quality technical magazine published quarterly by the IADC available on request to individuals or organizations with a professional interest in dredging and maritime infrastructure projects including the development of ports and waterways coastal protection land reclamation offshore works environmental remediation and habitat restoration.

Cohen editor of Terra et Aqua and Dhollander public relations and project manager of IADC will provide visitors with information about upcoming IADC events and how to register for a free subscription to Terra et Aqua.

IADC will present an award for Best Paper By a Younger Author (under 35 years old) on the last day of the conference. This includes a certificate a sum of €1000 ($687.80) and publication of their paper in Terra et Aqua. This award is meant to stimulate the promotion of new ideas and to encourage the younger men or women working in the dredging industry and related fields.

Booth #313
See James Clausner Dana Fay Tim Welp Doug Clarke and Jeff Lillycrop
The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) will have displays and fact sheets describing dredging-related R&D it is conducting. R&D program activities will include those from the Dredging Operations Research Program (DOER) and the Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP). Details on recent research on use of bio-diesel in Corps floating plant and bucket mounted sensors for measuring turbidity will also be provided. Copies of papers presented in the Future of Dredging Sessions will be available.

USACE National Dredging Quality Management
Booth #305
See Brenda P. Allen
The DQM–National Dredging Quality Management Program is the new name for the Silent Inspector program. The name change reflects its change in mission which is to verify collect and store dredging instrumentation data for the USACE and provide tools to interpret and use this data for USACE dredging managers.

The new name embodies the program technology cultural evolution and full maturity from a research and development effort to a fully operational program. In addition the name communicates the primary purpose of the system which is to provide a dependable timely and cost-effective management monitoring and documentation tool for USACE dredging activities and to ensure that top quality work is performed according to specification and permit requirements.

The new DQM V2.0 system includes a state-of-the-art customized Oracle enterprise database a suite of web-based tools using Silverlight and the .Net technology new on-board software and near-real-time data access for hopper dredges and revised contract specifications. Since launching in the fall of 2010 the reaction from the USACE Districts has been overwhelmingly positive.

The program is part of the Mobile District Operations Division (Spatial Data Branch).

Western Dredging Association
Booth #310
See Larry Patella
Stop by WEDA’s booth for DVD’s of meeting proceedings trinkets and especially information registration material and call for papers for next year’s conference in San Antonio Texas. Also find information on CEDA and EADA and individual WEDA chapter conferences.