International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

C-Nav has released a second independent full-constellation (GPS + GLONASS) GNSS correction service called C-NavC2.

Customers now benefit from two independent and orbit correction messages produced by two independent processing hubs as well as two independent satellite networks Net-1 and Net-2.

C-NavC2 features include GLONASS and a GPS (GNSS) clock as well as orbit correctors (Galileo and COMPASS planned). It provides a fully independent suite of clock and orbit correction algorithms and fully independent servers in geographically separated processing centers. Features also include a second independent global network of C-Nav dual frequency GPS / GLONASS reference stations equipped with Sapphire-based technology and simultaneously broadcasts from two independent satellite networks (Net-1 and Net-2).

The C-Nav subscription service now called C-NavC1 remains unaffected and continues to provide customers with full GPS clock and orbit correctors.provide customers with full GPS clock and orbit correctors.