International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

HYPACK® 2011
Includes Matrix Viewer for Dredging Projects

HYPACK Inc. announced at the end of February that after several months of testing the latest version of its hydrographic survey software HYPACK® 2011 it is still working on several bugs in the system.

Pat Sanders president of Hypack Inc. issued the following statement on February 25:

“We have discovered an intermittent ‘bug’ in the HYPACK 2011 release that has caused us to delay its distribution. The GPS.DLL POSMV.DLL and F180.DLL sometimes fail to load the KTD file when computing real time RTK Tides. This error was not present in HYPACK 2010 and previous releases and does not affect users who are not using a KTD file to compute RTK Tides. We have corrected this error and are now re-printing the HYPACK 2011 Installation CD. We hope to begin shipping them o/a 8 March 2011.

“If you have previously downloaded the HYPACK 2011 version from our web site and use a KTD file to compute RTK Tides you should return to the web site to download and install the updated GPS/POSMV/F180 drivers. The HYPACK 2011 version dated Feb 25 2011 on our Support site also has been updated with these device drivers.

“I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Hypack technicians spent two months testing and making final adjustments to HYPACK Version 2011 running the software on several vessels including single beam and multibeam survey boats and the intermittent bug was discovered in the course of these tests.

HYPACK 2011 includes a number of new programs for hydrographic surveying and dredging.

A new program available for dredging is the Matrix viewer which shows a Plan view display of each day’s matrix showing progress on dredging projects. This includes the capability to output to JPG or printer device.

Other new features in HYPACK® 2011 include a new IN SITU ADCP Target Viewer and Contour Editor Programs incorporation of VDatum for RTK TIDES in Geodesy improved HYPLOT capabilities and enhanced CLOUD and TIN and 3DTV modeling capabilities.

The IN SITU ADCP is used to analyze ADCP data from sensors that have been placed on the bottom and have logged data over long periods of time. This program can be used to extrapolate tide corrections currents and wave heights.
The TARGET VIEWER program is a stand-alone program that can be used to view targets marked in the SIDE SCAN TARGETING AND MOSAIC program.

The enhanced CLOUD program now allows playback of HS2 files and includes the capability to display color pixels by depth file or intensity.

Some of the HYSWEEP® enhancements are new multibeam interfaces include WASSP Multibeam Edgetech 4600 and Kongsberg MS1012. The Riegl Series 5 and Optech ILRIS laser scanning interfaces are also available. MBMAX now features faster reading files faster re-draws and use of multi-core CPUS a new patch test that logs patch test history and creates a calibration report and new graphical display of the Surface Sound Velocity in Phase I.

The HYPACK® 2011 release CD and 2011 training notes CDs will be mailed to all subscribers to the HYPACK Maintenance Plan.

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