International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Texas in Willacy County Texas Channel to Harlingen Pipeline Dredging. To Callan Marine Ltd. For $2164440 on December 15 2010 by the Galveston District Corps of Engineers. W912HY-11-C-0008/W912HY-11-B-0002

Regional Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for Dredging Projects Requiring Coast Guard Certified Hopper Dredges Within the Boundaries of the South Atlantic Division (SAD). To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company on December 21 2010 by the Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers. Project area includes Jacksonville District Mobile District Savannah District Charleston District and Wilmington District. In addition Districts outside of SAD may request capacity to use these MATOCs for emergency work. Task Orders will be competed among the MATOC pool of contractors.

Justification & Approval for Emergency Pipeline Dredging Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Texas Port Mansfield Entrance Channel in Willacy County Texas. Modified on December 23 2010. Awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company LLC on December 3 2010 by the Galveston District Corps of Engineers.

Snohomish River Upstream Settling Basin and Channel Hydraulic Maintenance Dredging with Upland Disposal Snohomish County Washington. To Portable Hydraulic Dredging Inc. for $642000 on January 5 2011 by the Seattle District Corps of Engineers. W912DW-11-C-0005 /W912DW-11-B-0001

Matagorda Ship Channel Texas Matagorda Peninsula to Point Comfort in Matagorda and Calhoun Counties Texas Pipeline Dredging. 2582976 Cubic Yards of Maintenance Dredging with a Deep Draft Pipeline Dredge. To King Fisher Marine Service L.P. For $4621749 on January 11 2011 by the Galveston District Corps of Engineers. W912HY-11-C-0006 /W912HY-11-B-0006

Maintenance Dredging in Lower Charleston Harbor South Carolina. To Weeks Marine Inc. for $4870250 on January 12 2011 by the Charleston Disctict Corps of Engineers. Added on February 3: Maintenance dredging of approximately 1276000 cubic yards (an additional Optional 254000 cubic yards ) of unclassified material from Upper Charleston Harbor Lower Reaches and Wando River Charleston County South Carolina. Material to be transported to and dumped within the EPA approved Ocean Dredged Material Disposal site. The work includes complying with the requirements of the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammals Protection Act. W912HP-11-C-0002 /W912HN-10-B-0026

Conduct comprehensive placement monitoring at Site 92 and G-West open-water dredged material placement sites near Pooles Island. To Maryland Environmental Services for $176165.86 on January 20 2011 by the Philadelphia District Corps of Engineers. W912BU-11-C-0007 /W912BU-11-R-0009

Passes of the Mississippi River Southwest Pass Maintenance Dredging Cutterhead or Dustpan Dredge Rental No. 1-2010 Mile 5.5 AHP to Mile 19.5 BHP C/L Station 2894+80 to C/L Station 1094+00 (Non-Continuous) Plaquemines Parish Louisiana. To Mike Hooks Inc. for $8850651 on January 25 2011 by the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers. W912P8-11-C-0024 /W912P8-10-B-0055

IDIQ Contract for Rental of Cutterhead Pipeline Dredges for Dredging in Alabama Mississippi and Florida and Other Mobile District Navigation Projects. To Inland Dredging Company Inc. for $50 million on January 27 2011 by the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. Modified on February 1: The work to be performed under this contract consists of dredging at various locations within the Mobile District. These sites include both deep draft projects shallow draft projects and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway as well as coastal restoration projects beach nourishment projects and any other project requiring the use of a dredge Alabama Mississippi and Florida. W91278-11-D-0017 /W91278-10-B-0007

Corpus Christi Ship Channel Texas Inner Basin to Main Turning Basin in Nueces County Texas. To King Fisher Marine Service LP for $4245800 Schedule No. 1 line items 1 through 3 on January 27 2011 by the Galveston District Corps of Engineers. W912HY-11-C-0010 /W912HY-11-B-0007

RECOVERY. Project Number 324778 Rental of the Dredge Oregon. To the Port of Portland for $108690.44 on January 31 2011 by the Portland District Corps of Engineers. W9127N-05-C-00180060/9127N-05-C-00180060

Dredging Southside of Pier 11 Norfolk Naval Station Norfolk Virginia. To Norfolk Dredging Company for $12131022 line items 1a through 1i on February 2 2011 by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic. N4008511-C-0003/N4008511-B-0003

Maintenance Dredging Cape Henry Channel Chesapeake Bay Virginia. To Weeks Marine Inc. for $9404000 line items 1 and 2 on February 2 2011 by the Norfolk District Corps of Engineers.

Maintenance Dredging Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point Brunswick County North Carolina. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company for $3013250 on February 4 2011 by the Wilmington District Corps of Engineers. W912PM-11-C-0004 / W912PM-11-B-0001

Maintenance Dredging Grand Haven and Holland Harbors Michigan. To The King Company for $319500 by the Detroit District Corps of Engineers. Sandy shoals will be dredged from both harbors and the material will be placed on nearby beaches for nourishment. “Ongoing maintenance of these harbors is crucial to ensuring the transport of millions of dollars worth of bulk commodities and awarding these harbors together provides greater efficiency in our dredging program” said Lt. Col. Mike Derosier district engineer. This contract to be completed by the end of May was awarded under the Corps’ Multiple Award Task Order Contract MATOC program which the Detroit District has established with 11 companies capable of dredging in the Great Lakes.

Port Manatee Florida will begin dredging Berth 12 in April to a depth of 41 feet at mean-low-water and extending it from 1000 feet to 1584 to accommodate Panamax-sized vessels. The new berth sits adjacent to a planned 52-acre container terminal on the port’s south side aimed at attracting new cargoes expected at Gulf of Mexico and East Coast ports with the completion of the Panama Canal expansion in 2014.