International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Trimble Introduces Modular and Heading Receivers for Marine Heavy and Highway Construction

The Trimble Heavy and Highway Division has released the Trimble® SPS852 GNSS modular receiver and SPS552H GNSS heading add-on receiver for marine heavy and highway contractors.

SPS552H GNSS Heading Receiver
The SPS552H GNSS add-on heading receiver provides a wide range of features for construction operations OEMs and system integrators and is capable of tracking the experimental GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellites for Galileo signal evaluation.

It is fully upgradable and can be configured in a variety of ways to suit any application including marine construction configurations incorporating 1pps output; as a base station only; as a rover only with SBAS or OmniSTAR capability; as a rover only with 10/10 location RTK accuracy; as a rover only with 10/2 Location RTK accuracy with precise vertical; as a rover only with precision RTK accuracy; as a base / rover with precision accuracy; with optional internal 450 / 900MHz radio; with optional GLONASS; and with optional L5.

All options are available at the time of sale or at any time in the future as upgrades through the Trimble Store.

Uses for the SPS852

The new SPS852 GNSS receiver can be used in the following applications:

As a Base Station
Trimble recommends the SPS852 base station only option with or without GLONASS. The SPS852 receiver replaces the SPS751 and SPS851 receivers and can be used as a permanent or semi permanent base station on site delivering GPS corrections via the internal 450MHz (UHF) or 900 MHz transmit radio. The inbuilt display provides rapid configuration and status checking. Its modularity allows the receiver to be secured and protected from the weather while the optimized antenna can be located outside where it is high and clear of obstructions.

Internet connectivity allows the SPS852 to be used for remote status checking and updating. It also supports rovers with cell modems at longer ranges from the main site or in radio black spots via the new Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS). For field base stations the receiver can be connected to the new Trimble SNM910 cellular modem to deliver corrections via IBSS to remote users out of radio range or on nearby job sites.

As a Supervisor System and Site Rover
For use as a site supervisor system or as a site rover Trimble recommends the rover 10/2 accuracy configuration with or without GLONASS. The SPS852 receiver replaces the SPS651 receiver and is suitable for site supervisor use. It is suitable for use in a supervisor’s truck connected to Trimble Tablet and Trimble SCS900 site controller software or the new Trimble TCA1 controller and Trimble SCS700 site controller software. The receiver can be mounted in a backpack or on a pole or ATV for more traditional rover operations.

Marine Operations
For marine operations Trimble recommends any of the rover accuracy configurations with or without the GLONASS options depending on the application requirements and operational conditions. GLONASS is especially useful in congested port or inland waterway environments. The receiver can be supplemented with an SPS552H receiver for position and heading applications such as crane or dredging operations. The SPS852 receiver replaces the Trimble SPS551 SPS651 SPS751 SPS851 and SPS551H Modular GPS Receivers for marine construction bringing full GNSS capability via the incorporated Trimble Maxwell™ 6 technology.

The new receiver can be configured as a rover-only or rover-with-heading add on and is suited to a wide range of marine activities including hydrographic survey dredging piling anchor and tug handling crane operation rock dumping pipe and cable laying and rig positioning.
The SPS852 can also be ordered as an L1-only GNSS receiver with GLONASS enabled. This cost-effective option offers DGPS positioning accuracy for coastal and offshore marine projects.

Scandinavian users with a suitable broadband modem can benefit from the differential GNSS service available up to 100 km offshore and in coastal fjords on the 450MHz ICE broadband network.

OEMs and System Integrators
For OEM’s and system integrators any of the rover accuracy configurations with or without the GLONASS options can be used depending on the application requirements and operational conditions. The receiver can be supplemented with an SPS552H receiver for position and heading applications such as drilling operations. For current and future OEM and system integrators the SPS852 receiver family carries forward the concepts of the previous Trimble SPS receivers and uses the same connectors configuration tools display operation Web user interface and wide range of connectivity options including Ethernet CAN serial USB Bluetooth or radio.

The receiver is also equipped to operate with SBAS OmniSTAR GPS L2C L5 GLONASS and the Galileo GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellites for future signal evaluation. The receiver is accompanied by the new SPS552H GNSS heading add-on receiver for applications where position heading and pitch or roll is required. The receiver also supports a variety of antenna options including the Trimble geodetic rover and rugged machine antenna configurations.

Features and Benefits of the SPS852 Receiver

Features of the SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver include:
• Full upgradability at the time of sale or at any time thereafter. All receiver options can be ordered separately to configure the receiver to the customer’s application

• Powered by Trimble R-Track and Maxwell 6 technologies the receiver will track all current and future planned GNSS constellations. The receiver is capable of tracking the experimental GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellites for Galileo signal evaluation;

• Add-on heading capability using the Trimble SPS552H receiver;

• Enhanced firmware that allows the receiver to load a Trimble DC site calibration file to work with a local coordinate system and output local site coordinates. The enhanced firmware also allows the receiver to load a small Geoid subgrid file so that it can account for Geoid / Ellipsoid separation in real-time;

• Wideband UHF radio covering the frequency range from 410MHz to 470MHz in a single radio module. Trimble distributors offering 450MHz solutions can now stock a single receiver type and configure the radio frequency ranges required by the customer prior to delivery;

• The receiver display can now be inverted when mounted on a vehicle cab wall;

• The receiver can be connected and provide power to an SNM910 cellular modem for connectivity to the Trimble IBSS Service extending GNSS correction reach into new sites offsite locations such as borrow pits and dump sites or into areas of radio blackout;

• Power and Ethernet are provided over one cable making installation simpler. The advances in electronics and latest version of the Trimble RTK engine also offer a 25 percent improvement in the vertical accuracy performance of the Trimble SPS852 over previous models.

System Configuration at Time of Sale
The base-level SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver has a minimum configuration that enables it to be turned on and track satellites. In this initial configuration the SPS852 is a single frequency unit and is not capable of location or precision GPS rover or base station operation. This means that the unit price for dealer stocking is lower than the previous models of the SPSx51 modular GPS receiver and that the dealer can now stock a single entry-level unit and configure the unit at the time of sale increasing flexibility and ability to deliver any product to the end user in a timely manner. All receiver options are ordered using the Trimble Store with configuration codes being generated and managed through the store.

The new base-only and rover-only configurations also provide the distributor with the ability to offer base- and rover-only configurations at a lower price than previously possible. Warranty date is now set at the time of receiver activation. The customer receives a full one-year warranty from the time of activation regardless of when the dealer took possession of the receiver.

New Marine and Highway Construction Configurations
Marine and heavy highway construction receiver configurations are now available at the time of sale.

The marine receiver configurations will be available to the marine distribution channel only and will include the 1pps option as standard. Marine configurations will ship in a cardboard box and will not include an antenna cable whereas the HH construction configurations will ship with the yellow site tough carrying cases complete with antenna cable. The 1pps option will be available to HH construction customers as an upgrade option where required.

Configuration and Upgrades

The new Trimble Store generates and manages pass codes for all upgrades to the SPS852. Dealers who have purchased site positioning system options and upgrades will have 24/7 access to available credits via the Trimble Store.