International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

BlueView Partners with MSTCI for Maritime Security Training

BlueView Technologies is partnering with Maritime Security Training Consultants International (MSTCI) to provide fire department dive teams law enforcement maritime emergency response team (MERT) divers and maritime security members with working knowledge of imaging sonar technology and their applications. These skills will assist them in using BlueView’s underwater vision systems to assist them in their duties.

“MSTCI is proud to have on board BlueView Technologies Inc. a world leader in underwater vision systems. BlueView’s imaging sonar systems provide our search/rescue law enforcement and MERT divers and supporting security members with a critical asset for underwater navigation detection monitoring and capturing imagery” said William “Bill” Fancher president and founder of MSTCI. Learning the imaging technology will be “a critical asset for underwater navigation detection monitoring and capturing imagery. Our global list of clients will benefit greatly from these easy-to-use systems especially when faced with low or zero visibility conditions and the complex hazardous conditions in which they typically operate” said Francher.

Felix Aponte MSTCI vice president added “BlueView systems are compact very portable and the perfect solution for conducting pier security searches. A great feature of these systems is that they can record and take still images of underwater crime scenes even in low and zero visibility conditions making our job a lot easier and more accurate by providing a chain of evidence for authorities.”

BlueView Technologies which is headquartered in Seattle provides 2D imaging and 3D scanning sonar technology and has installed more than 450 systems throughout the world.
The company’s sonar systems are deployed on AUVs ROVs surface vessels fixed positions and portable platforms and have been adopted by manufacturers and service providers to support mission critical operations.

3D System Upgrade

BlueView has released an upgrade for their 3D MicroBathymetry and 3D Mechanical Scanning Sonar systems. The upgrade includes hardware firmware and software updates that will improve system performance by delivering better image quality reduced scan time (for 3D mechanical scanning systems) and easier operation. Upgrades to existing equipment are done through BlueView Technologies’ service department.

“I am especially pleased that our upgrade will also make operation of our 3D systems faster with double the ping rate and easier with new features like sound speed based auto-calibration” said BlueView Chief Operating Officer Jason Seawall.