International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

VeruTEK Technologies a developer of green technologies for environmental cleanup demonstrated VeruSOLVE Marine to contractors in Escambia County Florida on May 2.
The company has two products.

VeruSOLVE Marine is a plant surfactant-oxidant solution that degrades oil and promotes oxidation and biodegradation of oil for the cleanup of oil in marine environments. VeruSOL Marine is a dispersant that is environmentally friendly and is less toxic to marine flora and fauna than most approved dispersants.

The company demonstrated the products to contractor PBS&J. The next step is for the company to present this to Unified Command as an option for oil spill cleanup from the Deepwater Horzon spill.

VeruTEK uses plant surfactants derived from citrus coconut castor and other biological sources to break up the oil. VeruSOLVE contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to destroy the oil. (Hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water.) John Collins Ph.D. CEO of VeruTEK said “We believe that VeruTEK can make a significant contribution to protecting the beaches and the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. We will do everything we can to help in this effort.”