International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

A new company DSC Dredge LLC has been created as an umbrella company to encompass Dredging Supply Company Inc. and all its subsidiaries. These include: Best Equipment M&S Equipment Better Dredges Inc. W&S Dredge Manufacturer Reliable Gulf South LLC Dredge Surplus and Dragados Sud-America (DSA).

In a news release dated April 21 DSC explained that it was affiliated with many subsidiaries all focusing on manufacturing and servicing dredges support equipment and parts. DSC Dredge LLC was created to allow the corporation to use its resources in their entirety and to open the door for more global opportunities. Under one brand DSC Dredge LLC can offer dredging solutions ranging from fully automated touch screen-operated dredges to mechanically-driven dredges operated by actual levers. W&S Dredge Manufacturer and M&S Equipment both offer mechanically-driven dredges that incorporate DSC’s quality and customer service.

In February 2006 Better Dredges acquired W&S Dredge Manufacturer from Tom Stosjik who was retiring. The acquisition was in order to expand the company’s line of non-automated dredges to serve customers who required that type of equipment. Rose Koenig will continue as general manager of W&S under DSC Dredge LLC. The company remains in Michigan.

“The consolidation is an effective way for us to pool our resources improving efficiencies across our purchasing engineering and field service departments” said Bill Wetta CEO. “Now our different divisions can focus primarily on what they do best and we can better serve economies of various sizes. I wish we would have made this decision sooner!” he said.

The release continued: “The consolidation is viewed as a positive change and the companies are excited for new opportunities and added efficiencies within the organization. DSC customers can expect more resourceful operations from the company and will see a new brand in use.”

The officers for DSC Dredge LLC include: Bill Wetta as CEO Bob Wetta as president David Miller as COO and Kevin Dolan as CFO.

DSC Dredge LLC has manufacturing facilities in Reserve Louisiana (DSC) Poplarville Mississippi (Better Dredges) and Greenbush Michigan (W&S).