International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Elastec/American Marine has shipped 48350 feet (9.14 miles) of containment boom to the Gulf of Mexico to assist in containing the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform oil leak.

CEO Donnie Wilson Vice President Jeff Cantrell along with employees Shon Mosier Charlie Storey and Alex Smith are on location at the spill with the company’s patented Hydro-Fire® Boom system – an inflatable fire resistant water cooled boom developed to contain surface oil and burn it offshore.

Elastec/American Marine assisted BP PLC and the United States Coast Guard with a test burn on Wednesday April 28 that was successful and has six more systems en route with additional burns scheduled to begin this week.

The company is also shipping its patented NeatSweep® System for applying dispersants. The system collects a broad swath of oil funneling the slick into a narrow band where dispersant is applied at full concentration.