International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Larry Patella is urging the dredging community to donate to Chuck Hummer’s Panama Canal Museum team on tomorrow’s Walk to Defeat ALS.

He said : |!|Chuck Hummer is a lifelong friend former WEDA president chairman of the Board former head of the Corps of Engineers Dredging Division and former Chief of Panama Canal Dredging Department.|!|

Patella is executive director of the Western Dredging Association.

|!|Some of our newer members may not know Chuck but his support of WEDA before he was stricken with ALS was OUTSTANDING.

|!|Chuck has for years been combating ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease. Some of you may have seen him buzzing around in his wheel chair at Wodcon 18 in Orlando.

“If our more than 4000 members would donate just one dollar each to Chuck’s ALS Fund raising efforts he would be more than half way to his goal.

Chuck Hummer said:
“The walk is the biggest source of the funds for the ALS Association Florida Chapter. The Chapter has done and is doing so much for Sandy and me as well as all the nearly 700 ALS patients it serves around the state. The monthly support groups regional state special ALS clinics well equipped loan closets and a staff that has become really a part of our families.

“Last week our Chapter social worker and good friend led us with all the right questions and advice as Sandy and I had our first meeting with the local Hospice to be prepared for the rest of our journey. She also facilitates our support group meetings and is present for each of the monthly ALS clinic days. I don’t know what we would do without the Chapter and Christine Bright.

“This will be our fifth walk so I am beating the odds so far. It takes place this Saturday (March13) on River Walk in Tampa and over 1000 are being expected. I waved off my local loyal team walkers so it may be that Sandy my grandson Zach and I will make up Team Panama Canal Museum but we will be joining the rest of the enthusiastic walkers.

“Please do us a favor and make a donation to support the cause. No matter the amount every donation will help us meet our $200000 goal this year. (For clarification our team goal is only $6000.)

“It is really simple to donate and sign up on line by going to: (please cut and paste this link to Chuck’ ALS home page)

“On the other hand some do not feel comfortable or have the ability to make an on line donation then mail me a check made out to the ALS Association Florida Chapter and mail it me at:

Chuck aka Charlie Hummer
4480 Mainlands Blvd W
Pinellas Park FL 33782

“By the way I always read how courageous and smiling terminally ill people are. Well be advised I am neither. I am petrified of complete paralysis and I sure ain’t smiling. I do thank my God for having given me a devoted and loving wife to hold me up and together.”

Patella said |!|What better tribute could we pay a great dredger and friend who according to his email is making arrangements to enter Hospice. Personally I am going to donate $100 to Chuck’s fund and ask the WEDA Board to Authorize a donation of $500. Would be nice to if you could send your checks credit card donation or cash to WEDA and we could bundle up the money and send it to Chuck from his Friends at WEDA. $1 IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR AN OLD FRIEND.”