International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The aftermath of the January 12 earthquake:
Initial U.S. Coast Guard reports from the on-scene assessments of the port in Port-au-Prince indicate the port has been severely damaged by the earthquake. The reports also stated that five cranes at the port were either damaged unstable or submerged as a result of the earthquake and the waters outside the port are covered with debris garbage and containers.

There can be no containers unloaded at the port and ships delivering breakbulk and other non-containerized cargo will have to use shipboard cranes to unload. There are also unknown navigation hazards in the port and entrance channel.

The Coast Guard has also reported multiple oil and fuel spills sewage spills and multiple fires along the shoreline.

The Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) reported that a dockworker reported to them by Blackberry: “Terminal Varreux lost most of the general cargo piers #3 and #4. At the time of the quake we were unloading a vessel we lost approx. 30 dock workers who drowned. The situation is disastrous for the entire country. The days and weeks will be challenging. We appreciate your support” (signed) Richard Lebrun Terminal Varreux (Port-au-Prince)

Carlos Urriola president of the CSA said |!|The CSA stands with you in this hour of disaster and pledges to do all in its power to assist the recovery and rebuilding process. In this situation you are not alone.|!|