International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

SF Marina USA has installed SF 1230 Concrete Docks at U.S. Coast Guard facilities in Southwest Harbor Maine; Bristol Rhode Island Long Island New York and Burlington Vermont on Lake Champlain.

Built for the Northeast’s severe weather and winter climate SF Marina USA’s floating docks are single cast and designed to handle the most aggressive seas.

Enduring extreme wind tides and constant waves up to five feet high in Maine a versatile single-cast 80-foot dock berths a 65-foot tug/ice breaker while a 92-foot dock offers internal utilities for lighting shore power and water and moors multiple USCG vessels. Engineered to withstand ice stress they have a service life of 30 to 50 years and require very little maintenance.

With 4.5-foot wave exposure in Narragansett Bay the 80-foot Rhode Island dock serves as a secure berthing location for various USCG tenders and boats. Constructed from reinforced concrete and Styrofoam it offers strength stability and buoyancy.

Contact SF Marina USA P.O. Box 1118 Gloucester VA 03061; 207-347-4237;

VOSTA LMG has added a small Multi Functional Dredge (MFD) to its product range in response to customers asking for equipment for shoreline and waterway reconstruction jobs.

The new model is supplied with three different tools including a rake for vegetation control a 400-liter bucket for excavation and a small cutter with two underwater pumps for dredging sand and mud.

The dredge is self-propelled in water and by means of tilting spuds and using the floats installed in the front of the dredge the unit is able to move itself over dry land shallow water and swamp areas. The MFD can easily be transported by road and loading and unloading can be done without crane assistance. The dredge can be operated by one person. The cabin is air-conditioned and has an ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort.

An additional option is a pile drive unit that can be fitted on the boom and used for driving wooden piles or sheet piles into the ground.

Contact P. Koomen +31-20-4936669;

At Europort 2009 in November HollandMT and FKAB announced their newly developed range of backhoe pontoon dredges – the Dredge-X range. The name was derived from eXcellent eXcavator dredging.

The new dredge provides the synergy of proven excavator technology by Liebherr dredge pontoon design by marine engineering specialist FKAB and dredge engineering by HollandMT.

HollandMT and FKAB incorporated the latest line of electric powered Liebherr excavators including the 800-ton P9800 into the design. The hydraulic system is powered by low maintenance AC electric motors. Electric power is provided by a power plant installed in a dedicated engine room inside the pontoon. The power plant also provides power to hydraulic power packs for the spud hoisting and mooring system auxiliary systems and the optional propulsion system.

The pontoon and ship’s systems are designed to allow any specialized shipyard to fabricate launch commission and test the pontoon. After completion the excavator is mounted electrically connected and prepared for final dredging tests.

Contact. Claes Claeson of FKAB – or. Jan Willem de Wit of HollandMT –