International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Dredging Supply Company Inc. (DSC) hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 13 2009 to open their new design center – a 5800-square-foot building newly-erected behind the company’s Thomas J. Wetta III Administration building.

The center contains DSC’s engineering and automation departments as well as facilities for classroom training and monthly safety meetings among other amenities.

The new building is named for Julia (Mamou) Bull Campbell the maternal grandmother of DSC owners Bill and Bob Wetta. She was instrumental in financing the start of the company and her legacy lives on through DSC’s growth and international success said a company spokesperson.

Attending the ceremony was Bill Hubbard St. John the Baptist Parish president who spoke of the significance of DSC’s expansion to the community. He also praised the company for using Aegis Construction a local company specializing in commercial construction projects. Also in attendance were Mr. Kent and Mrs. Louise Liliedahl and Ray Poche of Aegis Construction were present as well as many of the DSC’s vendors suppliers and industry partners.