International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The acquisition of GeoAcoustics Ltd. by Kongsberg Maritime was completed in September 2008. Following the acquisition the two companies held a series of meetings including one at the Kongsberg Maritime office in Horten Norway focusing on marketing and sales issues.

Helge Uhlen Product Sales Manager at Kongsberg Maritime invited representatives from GeoAcoustics to introduce its present and upcoming product range to Kongsberg Maritime and representatives of worldwide sister companies.

In discussions with a focus on the market the integration was brought under way by getting the worldwide sales network operational through supplying information and support for the GeoAcoustics product range.

GeoAcoustics Ltd. is a sonar manufacturing company based in Great Yarmouth England. Its product range covers swath bathymetry systems side scan sonar and sub-bottom profilers which compliment Kongsberg Maritime’s portfolio and strengthen its market position by offering full sonar solutions.