International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

“Connecting the World through Dredging” is the theme of a joint CEDA and WEDA seminar on March 2 at the Panama Canal Authority’s Ascanio Arosemena Complex Panama City.

Session topics are: Panama Canal Expansion: Planning and Execution; Panama Canal Expansion: Focus on the Environment; Dredging to Create Sustainable Infrastructure; and The Many Faces of Dredged Material and Sediment.

On March 3 the Panama Chapter of WEDA will meet and on March 3 and 4 the Environmental Commissions of CEDA and WEDA will meet. The joint meeting of the two commissions will be hosted by Dredging International de Panama whose general manager Hugo De Vlieger is a long-time member of CEDA’s Environmental Commission.

Contact Anna Csiti CEDA Secretariat +31 15 2682575; cell: +31 6 50507336; +31 15 2682576; email:

Environmental Commission: Craig Vogt phone: 757-787-7388 email: