International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

International Industries Inc. (III) has sold four Odom Echotrac CV 3 echo sounder systems to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit Michigan. The dual frequency sounders will be used on hydrographic surveys throughout the District.

The Echotrac CV is a new hydrographic echo sounder design incorporating the cutting-edge technology features and reliability of the Echotrac MKIII plus the ease and flexibility of operation of a networked Windows interface.

The transceiver unit is supplied in a compact rack mount package suited to many shipboard installations. The Echotrac CV offers Charts in two formats — a full size color LCD electronic chart or a high-resolution thermal paper recorder. Both are supplied in flexible modular enclosures complete with swivel mounting hardware.

The third option of operating the unit and collecting data on a networked PC is also possible. The color LCD module offers internal data storage (in .xtf format) and playback of the analog return signal digitized to full 16-bit resolution.

In addition the CV 3 offers the possibility of adding a third acoustic channel (X3) to the standard dual frequency (X2) configuration. All channels feature a robust design and frequency agility enabling the operator to match the transceiver to almost any existing transducer.

Operator selectable TVG curves (10 Log 20 Log 30 Log 40 Log and Off) optimize the CV 3 for both shallow and deepwater bottom detection tasks and for sonar imaging. The Echotrac CV features unsurpassed interfacing flexibility offering four serial ports plus a high speed Ethernet LAN for maximum data collection efficiency. Serial interfaces for motion compensators and DGPS receivers are standard in the CV as are a number of output formats compatible with most common echo sounder strings.

This purchase of multiple Odom CV echo sounders by the USACE Detroit District is the result of the USACE selection process to upgrade the single beam hydrographic capability in the various Districts. Chic Ransone of International Industries Inc. believes that this purchase by the USACE shows that the Odom CV series of echo sounders has come of age in the industry.

“We expect great things from this technology and so do our customers” said Ransone.