International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Blue Goose Construction is making their fleet of Extreme Reach excavators equipped with GPS computer grade systems available to contractors and clients on a rental basis. These specialized machines are designed for complex dredging projects where finish grade tolerance cutting slopes dredging or grading around structures and reaching into areas inaccessible to conventional dredges is required.

The booms have a reach of up to 95 feet and can grade precisely using GPS systems.

Their fleet consists of John Deere D Series excavators with Tier III certified power plants. The boom length varies with the 850D reaching 95 feet the 450D reaching of 75 feet and two 240D’s reaching 60 feet. These new generation production-class excavators provide increased lifting capacity and are designed to deliver a high level of production.

Normally lifting capacity is sacrificed for extra boom length. The Blue Goose machines however are customized with heavy lift kits and other specialized features which add to their lifting and handling capacity. For example the Blue Goose Extreme reach machines can hold a 10-foot-wide bucket full of fill material (about two cubic yards) fully extended. Additionally their fast hydraulics and generous drawbar pull provide the power and production needed for the special applications they were designed for.

The customized GPS Computer Aided Grade Systems provide the operator with a visualization of the bucket location in relation to the work. This helps the operator excavate areas like under water where the work is not visible. The cab-mounted computer and display can be accessed and monitored from a laptop computer on the job site or off site if wifi is available which allows quality control personnel and engineers to observe the work in real time.

Some Blue Goose machines are working on a channel revetment project at a nuclear power plant in south Florida. The project consists of a mile-long horseshoe-shaped canal filled with 25 feet of sea water. Each embankment is 135 feet long with a 3:1 slope two thirds of which is under water. The bottom of the canal is 40 feet wide and has to be flat and level.

Dredge heads may be attached to the booms of these machines to allow pinpoint dredging around piers and other structures where normal dredges cannot reach.

The company provides excavators on a monthly rental basis which makes them available to contractors and clients even for smaller projects where purchasing is not an option. Because the operation of this equipment is highly specialized a trained operator is provided to operate the machine at the customer’s direction.

The Blue Goose Construction team is also available for specialized projects that require hands-on solutions to complex problems.