International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Mediterranean Days of Coastal and Port Engineering will be held on October 7 through 9 2008 in Palermo Italy at the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea.

Organized by the Palermo Port Authority and PIANC (International Navigation Association) Italy the theme of the conference is Mediterranean Sea Port of the History Port of the World.

The goal of the conference is to develop a common technical culture of Mediterranean coastal and port engineering by exploring strategies to face challenges of the global market including environmental and social aspects of sustainable development.

Topics include sustainable port development port dredging sediment management and renewable energy issues; coastal management including protection surveying and monitoring; issues related to marinas urban ports and waterfronts; maritime navigation including short sea shipping cruise navigation and related safety and security issues; and port planning infrastructure design and safety and security issues specific to Mediterranean ports.

Palermo is a cultural trading center for both land and sea a leading hub for maritime traffic and port of call for Mediterranean people. The Grand Hotel Villa Igiea designed in 1908 overlooks Palermo Bay next to the marina harbor. The conference web site is: