International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

On February 22 Partrac announced that it had completed a water quality monitoring study in the Princes Channel Kent UK on behalf of the Port of London Authority (PLA). The project monitored the water quality during channel deepening by Dredging International’s new trailer-suction hopper dredge Brabo.

Partrac is headquartered in Glasgow Scotland.

A seabed monitoring frame was deployed to continuously record current velocity (ADCP) total suspended solids salinity dissolved oxygen and seabed level using millimeter-accurate altimetry. Partrac’s team achieved excellent data recovery and were able to use the ADCP’s acoustic backscatter signal and water samples to provide a calibration for total suspended solids. The water quality data was used to assess the impact of the dredging activities in particular to identify the extent of the dredge plume.

Partrac mobilized to site within three working days of being contracted by the PLA in order to meet with the client’s dredging schedule and to capitalize on a favorable weather window. Partrac was able to call upon its wide range of sediment and dredge monitoring equipment and its team experienced in deploying seabed frames to service the contract achieving valuable data for the PLA.