International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

As of the beginning of 2008 Ellicott and its associated companies had more than a dozen dredges under construction for Middle Eastern clients. These include multiple models ranging from smallest to largest: the IMS Versi-Dredge™ Model 7012 auger Series 670 “Dragon” cutter dredges Series B-1190 bucketwheel dredges and series 4170 “Super-Dragons”. Multiple units of each machine have been sold. The company has both private sector and government clients in the region.

Both of the company’s manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Baltimore are working on these Middle Eastern projects.
These dredges are being used for land reclamation real estate and island construction in the Gulf and hydro-electric power plant maintenance in Iraq.

Series 4170 “Super-Dragon” specifications:

Hull length: 114′

Ladder length: 80.5′

Maximum digging depth: 58′

Suction pipe size – ID: 24|!|-27|!|

Discharge pipe size – ID: 24|!|-27|!|

Pump horsepower: 2560

Auxiliary horsepower: 1510

Nominal pump capacity range: 400-2400 cubic yds/hr

Cutting force: 32400 lbs