International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

VOSTA LMG has been awarded a contract for the delivery of a complete engineering and component package for three hopper barges for Van Oord in The Netherlands.

The complete order consists of the design and engineering of 10.000 cubic meter hopper barges including the delivery of the bottom doors electrical and hydraulic installation. The hopper barges are fitted with a hydraulic bottom door system and a special coupling system for the pusher tug.

The barges will be built at COSCO shipyard Dalian China. Installation and assembly of all critical components will be under Vosta LMG supervision. Where possible components are supplied through Chinese manufacturers with the assistance of the Vosta LMG office in Zuhai. Vosta LMG will also provide supervision during construction and assembly.

The hopper barges will be available in the summer of 2008 and will be transported to Dubai where they will be used as sand transport barges.

Self-propelled barges

Van Oord has also ordered four self-propelled split hopper barges from IHC Merwede to be built at the Dalian Liaonan Shipyard in Dalian China.

The vessels will have a capacity of 2850 cubic meters and installed power of 3159kW. Propulsion will be via two 1100kW azimuthing thrusters with a dynamic positioning facility to enhance maneuverability.

The first two vessels will be in operation starting in April 2009 and the second two in June 2009.

They will be deployed together with two new Backacter excavators being built for Van Oord by De Donge Shipyard The Netherlands.

The Backacters the Goliut and the Simson will each have 3600 kW installed horsepower and work with 20 25 and 40-cubic-meter excavator buckets.