International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Pump Vacuum Systems has developed the PVS Compact Aggregate Unit designed around the company’s patented PVS JetPump.

The unit is a modular portable plant for mining old tailings which separates the usable product and returns the tailings to the mine for smoothing and reclamation.

The PVS Jetpump technology allows the plant to make multiple products and remove the tailings while thoroughly washing the material. It is powered by water pressure (150 psi) and atmospheric air which eliminates any cavitation or erosion

“This is the cleanest material I have seen in years; if you were in California this material would sell for a premium” said Larry Gustin vice president of Gator Machinery.

The components of the plant are the feed hopper with PVS JetPump and vibrating grizzly screen a de-sanding plant (optional) vibrating inclined screen with or without a velocity box depending on if you are using a de-sander another PVS JetPump if needed and conveyors. The number of and different products you desire will govern your configuration. A coarse or fine material washer can be easily added.

As the material is loaded into the feed hopper oversize is removed by the vibrating grizzly screen. The sized material is then dropped into the hopper and sucked into the PVS JetPump washed and conveyed either to the de-sander or velocity box. The material is then passed through the vibrating inclined screen separating the slurry into products which are then placed on the conveyor belts for storage and loading.

The plant pictured is powered by an eight-inch PVS JetPump. We are running 300 tons per hour of material through the unit with a 110 Volvo loader. The same loader loads the trucks. The amount of aggregate production depends on the percentage of aggregate in the 300 tons. We are using a gator buzz screen and the process is being operated by two people.

These units have been used in both new and re-mining situations. We can size the JetPumps and plants to meet the customer’s needs and the landowner gets his land reclaimed.

About the manufacturer

Pump Vacuum Systems was formed to explore applications for Pearce Pump’s patented JetPump technology in the gravel and sand industry. Because of the unique properties of the JetPump we found ways like the re-mining process of old mined sites that have not been practical for the existing technology. We are working very closely with a couple of state agencies on re-mining what they term hazardous sites. We have also found an application with new mining operators who desire to basically dry mine but also desire the wet slurry to clean the product and/or a method to remove the tailing slurry in the same process. This was a combined effort through Pearce which manufactures the JetPump and my company Bluff Creek WAM to design and test these applications. In the process two plants were built and tested. They have been sold to a local operator with the understanding that we can use the sites as a sales tool to show customers. We will continue to market these products together as a joint effort and PVS will share the Pearce booth at CONEXPO/Con-Agg. I will be the principle contact for PVS but I work very closely to the Pearce Sales Group.

Pump Vacuum Systems is a licensed contractor in the State of Louisiana and is pursuing applications in the local industries such as containment ponds sumps and drain cleaning. It is located at 1732 Allen Lane Clinton LA 70722; phone 225-413-8543