International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Amy W. Larson has been named president of the National Waterways Conference effective March 1.

The NWC is headquartered in Arlington Virginia.

Larson succeeds the late Worth Hager and is only the third person to hold the position of president of the organization.

She has been general counsel of the Federal Maritime Commission in Washington D.C. since 2004 and was chosen from a field of nearly 80 candidates after a six-month search.

“I am confident that Larson will build on her success as the maritime commission’s general counsel to lead the conference into its second half-century of serving the broad interests of its members” said Gary LaGrange chairman of the NWC and president and CEO of the Port of New Orleans.

In accepting the position Larson said she looks forward toward to continuing and expanding the conference’s efforts in developing a national policy that meets the varied needs of the public shippers recreational users ports industrial users and other stakeholders while supporting the waterways’ environmental needs and economic development.

The 200-member conference has worked toward those needs since its formation 53 years ago before being formalized in 1960.

Larson said that in her new role she will be working with Congress the administration U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and as a partner with her counterparts in the industries that support the conference’s mission.
She is a native of Milton Massachusetts and earned a bachelor of arts degree from Wheaton College in Norton Massachusetts where she studied political science and a law degree from the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. She lives in Arlington with her husband and two daughters and enjoys sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.

The mission of the National Waterways Conference is to effect common sense policies and programs recognizing the public value of the nation’s waterway system and its contribution to public safety a competitive economy security environmental quality and energy conservation.

The National Waterways Conference serves as the secretariat for the National Waterways Alliance a loose-knit coalition of trade and regional associations cooperatives businesses industries ports waterways services and labor organizations that have an interest in national waterways policy issues.