International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Tornado Motion Technologies has developed a remotely-controlled dredge that can operate at unlimited depths and pump 2000 feet without a booster.

The Submersible Dredge (Sub-Dredge) is operated from a platform or on shore and can operate under over or around obstacles such as ship hulls floating dry-docks piers and docks. The Sub-Dredge’s versatility is maintained by its two independently-powered reinforced rubber tracks which give it the maneuverability of a tank underwater.

As with all TMT’s dredges the Sub-Dredge has advanced capabilities which enable it to pump at high production rates minimize over-dredging and maximize environmental friendliness. Its patented eight-inch EDDY Pump incorporates a hydro-dynamically-built volute along with a precision-engineered geometric rotor. This combination allows it to generate greater suction than a centrifugal pump with production rates of up to 350 cubic yards per hour and percent solids in-situ as high as 60 to 80 percent. The Sub-Dredge is capable of maintaining these high production rates while removing a variety of sediments such as sand silt and clay.

The pump can move material 2000 feet and boosters can be added for longer distances.

Another advanced capability of the Sub-Dredge is the accuracy of its vertical and horizontal dredging even when climbing slopes preventing over dredging into the virgin material.

With environmental consciousness being at the forefront of today’s dredging the fact that the Sub-Dredge causes minimal turbidity and leftover residuals is an important consideration. TMT uses a turbidity shroud along with the powerful suction of the Eddy Pump resulting in an almost undetectable turbidity level. The conical rotating guard creates a flat contact with the ground eliminating the windrows created by basket-shaped suction heads on other dredge designs. This is especially important when dredging contaminated material.

Because the Sub-Dredge operates unmanned it is not limited by physical obstacles and hazards such as nearby power generators or pumping stations or debris in fast current. The operator of the Sub-Dredge is up to 250 feet away on a supporting vessel or shoreline. The discharge is composed of floating umbilical which is pulled underwater following the Sub-Dredge as needed.

TMT’s Sub-Dredge meets the demands of today’s dredging industry with cost effectiveness and no downtime due to obstacles or hazardous locations. Added to its unmanned operating abilities these features add up to effective cutting edge dredging technology.

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