International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The British Marine Aggregate Producers Association has launched two new reports that both help to engender a greater understanding of the sector’s sustainable development footprint and underline its importance to the economy of the United Kingdom.

Strength from the Depths BMAPA’s first sustainable development report and The Strategic Importance of the Marine Aggregate Industry to the UK are both available to download from the organization’s web site:

Strength from the Depths follows the publication of BMAPA’s sustainable development strategy in October 2006 and the wider sustainable development initiative undertaken by its parent body the Quarry Products Association and features operational data from the marine sector from 2006 across a range of activities from health and safety to resource management. It marks the first of what will be an annual reporting process and sets a performance benchmark against which future operations can be compared. Covering some 84 percent of the total U.K. marine aggregates sector the report is a meaningful picture of how the modern industry operates.

The Strategic Importance report focuses on the socio-economic issues associated with the production and use of marine aggregates and their contribution to national and regional supply. Prepared by the British Geological Survey for BMAPA the report looks at how the marine aggregates sector feeds into U.K. construction the areas of the U.K. where the contribution is significant and the types of projects that rely on this material source. The report paints a picture of a vital industry providing essential materials to the heart of where they are needed particularly to London and the South East.

BMAPA Chairman Kevin Seaman commented “The sector’s commitment to our sustainable development initiative together with the strategic importance report will make an important contribution to the future direction of our industry. The development of the Marine Bill will place greater emphasis upon the stewardship of all marine stakeholders and the anticipated changes to policy planning and regulation will mean that our activities will come under ever closer scrutiny. For this reason it is essential that we are able to demonstrate the British marine aggregate sectors sustainability credentials in an open and transparent manner.”

To obtain a hard copy of either report contact BMAPA’s Mark Russell at +44 – 20 7963 8000 email:

The British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) was formed in 1992 and comprises members of the Quarry Products Association (QPA) with a marine interest. It operates 25 vessels on 70 production licenses around the U.K.

BMAPA members are: Britannia Aggregates Ltd.; CEMEX UK Marine Ltd.; DEME Building Materials Ltd.; Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd.; Kendall Bros. (Portsmouth) Ltd.; Lafarge Aggregates Ltd.; Northwood (Fareham) Ltd.; Norwest Sand & Ballast Company; United Marine Dredging Ltd.; and Volker Dredging Ltd.