International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Who knew almost four years ago that I would still be around for another Walk to dFeet ALS? I am beating the odds at this point and certainly we are pretty happy at this.

But many have not been so lucky. We have lost such a large number of my fellow patients from the Tampa Bay Area. It keeps things in a perspective that can be frightening.

The point is that the need for money for research and for patient services continues to be a high priority. I am accused of being a pessimist because I think a cure may be years away but I am convinced that we must do a much better job of finding medicines to slow progression and extend the quality of life for us as we march down the path of complete paralysis. I think we must do a better job of establishing nursing homes specializing in ALS. I know that we can do a much better job in pushing our legislators to pass a long overdue national ALS registry.

So once again I am coming to you with a plea to join our walk team by making a donation either on line or by mail. If you cannot be here for the great enthusiastic Team Panama Canal Museum then why not start a team in your locale and enter as virtual walkers? See if you can get two or more of your friends coworkers or family members to join the walk because the more the merrier.

The walk will be held April 12th at Brighthouse Minor League Baseball Park in Clearwater Florida home of the Threshers. They tell us that they will help make this most outstanding walk ever held in our area. Beating last year will be a challenge but they assure us they will do it.

Thanks to each of you for your support.

You may make a check payable to The ALS Association and mail your check to me at 4480 Mainlands Blvd. W. Pinellas Park FL 33782 or donate online now by making a secure credit card donation.

Chuck Hummer

Editor’s note: Chuck’s long dredging career included time as dredging manager of the Panama Canal and as Chief of Navigation of the Corps of Engineers. He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) four years ago and continues to fight for funding for a cure with the help of his wife Sandy.