International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Victor Buhr was named the 2007 Dredger of the Year at the World Dredging Conference in Orlando.

Presented at the gala dinner on May 31 the award plaque stated that Buhr was being honored for his vision dedication leadership and outstanding ability to develop innovative hydraulic dredging solutions that have proven to be of great benefit to dredging industry contractors and clients.

Victor Buhr began his dredging career in 1978 as a leverman and fill site specialist with Rober’s Dredging Company in La Crosse Wisconsin. Here he gained invaluable experience in dredge fill sites and environmental restoration. This first-hand experience provided him with the foundation to draw upon during his more than 30-year dredging career. This laid the foundation for his unique understanding of hydraulic dredging projects.

In 1993 Buhr joined the J. F. Brennan Company where he served as a lead project superintendent. It was here that he demonstrated the full measure of his outstanding knowledge of hydraulic dredging. It was through his dedication and superior management skills that he was able to work his crews 100 consecutive days re-constructing miles of levees following the devastating 1993 Mississippi River flood. The project was completed on December 25 of that year.

In 1995 following his promotion to the position of J. F Brennan’s hydraulic dredging Division Manager Buhr continued to demonstrate his interest in and dedication to the dredging industry working closely with the Dredging Supply Company and others to evaluate the large swinging-ladder dredges and the new wireless remote booster controls. By maintaining accurate dredging records he was able to demonstrate that using these new developments produced greater efficiency and reduced cost.

As his career progressed so did his contributions to the Western Dredging Association and the dredging industry. (These included) his ability to assimilate existing dredging and dewatering technologies that provided greater value to public and private clients; his outstanding performance in constructing low profile island structures providing new fish and wildlife habitat in the upper Mississippi River; wetland restoration and his ability to develop and apply new technologies to problematic hydraulic issues. Even more important than any of Buhr’s technical or project achievements are his team building skills that inspire loyalty dedication innovation and hard work.