International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

On May 31 Worth Hager resigned as president of the National Waterways Conference (NWC). On June 4 Scott Robinson chairman of the organization sent an email to the members announcing Hager’s resignation and stating that the board of directors would make a priority to find a new president.

Fred Rickert with staff member Connie Waterman will run the organization in the interim.

On July 11 National Waterways Conference met in special session in Memphis Tennessee and a selection committee was appointed to find a new president. Members of the committee are Bob Portiss of the Tulsa Port of Catoosa James Haussner of C-MANC (California Marine and Navigation Affairs Conference) Christopher Brescia vice president of corporate and government affairs of Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation Don Waldon a consultant for the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Council and Fred Caver president of Caver & Associates Austin Texas.

The committee will report the results of their search in 90 days and it is hoped that before the NWC annual meeting November 7 through 9 in Mobile Alabama.

In her term as president of the NWC Hager demonstrated her intricate knowledge of waterways issues and especially the procedures involved in the legislative process.

“Worth was as good as you can get on navigation interests in this country” Robinson told IDR.

The new president will have to be able to give the membership as much information as possible about the navigation policies on the table help them understand the process and how they can affect the process said Robinson. Just as NWC members wondered how anyone would be able to fill Harry Cook’s shoes when he retired as president of the organization after 47 years members are wondering how someone can be found who has Hager’s knowledge of navigation issues of the legislative process and of how things work in Washington.

Robinson hopes that someone with the right qualifications reading this article will call one of the committee members and apply for the job.

The phone number of the National Waterways Conference is 703-243-4090.