International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Pelicans are giant birds known for their magnificent wing-span an eye for coastal zones and very caring natures. They can be found on all continents in the vicinity of coastal and inland waters. And they support each other in a family-minded way.

And so does Blue Pelican Associates a group of five independent Dutch engineering/consulting companies who a year ago decided to combine their skills.

Working together cooperation and providing dredging expertise in an international environment is the mix that will spell success for the group whose motto is “bringing the right partners together for the right job”.

While each company alone could handle certain aspects of a major dredging project together they can take on a world of water-related projects. Combining their expertise they can manage jobs around the globe illustrating the old adage that five times one is more than five: “the sum is greater than the whole of its parts”.

The associates all with backgrounds in the dredging industry are Wil Borst of Netherlands Dredging Consultants BV Peter Hamburger of Hamburger Management BV Dik Roukema of Delphi Consult BV Gaby Schouten of Dutch Marine Engineering BV and Michiel Westermann and Jaap Smit of Primo Consultants Rotterdam BV. Altogether the group has more than 125 years of experience.

Examples of jobs the Blue Pelicans have taken on are dike and levee projects causeways and bridges access channels ports harbors and coastal zone developments; and large land reclamation for housing and industry airports and roads. An important aspect of the business is planning designing and building storm surge barriers and flood control structures in response to a need brought about by climate change.

The environment including dealing with unstable soil conditions dredging large amounts of sand and soil and ecological awareness in sensitive areas is high on the group’s priority list. The Pelicans are proactive in the development of optimal dredging methods and socio-economically-sound applications based on life cycle approach and sustainable solutions. That plus members’ experience building dredging equipment and managing dredging contracts allows the group to tackle just about any maritime project on offer.

All partners of Blue Pelican Associates have experience in conducting complex studies working in multi-disciplinary teams and creating and leading joint ventures and other integrated operations in the maritime infrastructure sector. They have conducted projects under the auspices of the World Bank the Asian Development Bank UNEP and UNESCO and other institutions.

As a limited liability company formally established in Rotterdam the group operates throughout the world in the fields of engineering and consultancy for maritime and civil works. Pelicans have been involved in projects in Australia Trinidad the USA the Middle East and the Netherlands. This year regional contact offices were opened in Trinidad & Tobago and the United States. Blue Pelican is also a member of the Rotterdam Maritime Group – a knowledge-based group of maritime infrastructure-related companies and institutions.

The partners have their own networks giving access to local ports governments industrial organizations and financial institutions colleagues and competitors all over the world.

Headquarters are at K.P. van der Mandelelaan 34; 3062 MB Rotterdam; The Netherlands; phone +31 10 413.1778 cell: +31 6 5381.9633; e-mail:; web: