International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Hypack has released HYPACK 6.2A® an upgrade to version 6.2 of their hydrographic survey software package.

The new version represents almost a year of improvements and offers a complete turnkey surveying package for acquiring and processing bathymetry ADCP magnetometer and side scan sonar data charting tools for S-57 production.

Among some of the features are new AIS (Autonomous Identification System) integration CUBE Data processing ENC Editor integration and support of BSB version 4 and S63 background charts. Hypack 6.2A is Windows Vista ready.

Hypack can be used for collecting hydrographic survey or environmental data or for positioning a vessel in an engineering project. The company reports that there are more than 4000 users of their product around the world. Hypack was founded in 1981 as a small hydrographic consultancy and has expanded their product to provide a powerful modular hydrographic dredging and navigation program.