International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Odom Hydrographic Systems took delivery of the new 27-foot hydrographic survey boat Echotrac II at the end of 2006.

Built by Thomas Marine in Patchogue New York the boat is custom built for testing and demonstration of hydrographic survey equipment.

A major feature is a bow-mounted hydraulic transducer deployment system with which the operator can raise and lower nearly any size transducer in seconds with the flip of a switch.

“Because we test so many types of transducers this is an important feature” said Richard Byrd president of Odom. “Because of our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico the boat has been utilized in water from several hundred meters deep to water so shallow that the hydraulic bow mount had to be raised well above its normal deployment draft to clear the seabed” he said.

“The boat is critical for development of products” said Byrd. “It allows us to test our products under real field conditions every step of the way. This new boat is air conditioned with UPS power and other features that make a nice setup for testing and demonstrations” he said.

The trailerable boat has been used for demonstrations from San Diego to Portsmouth New Hampshire in Miami and of course in many locations along the Gulf Coast. The week of April 10 Odom engineers were using it to test the company’s new ES3 multi-beam echo sounder system in the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge and the following week it was scheduled to demonstrate the Densitune silt density measurement system in Gulfport Mississippi.

The boat will be available for demonstration trips at the US Hydro 07 conference in Norfolk Virginia in May and on display at the World Dredging Conference WODCON XVIII May 27 through June 5.

Odom Hydrographic Systems develops builds and markets a full range of hydrographic survey equipment and represents Stema Survey Services for their Silas DensiTune RheoTune and SILAS products. Other products they represent and demonstrate are Atlas Hydrographic multibeam systems and C-Max side scan sonars.

Odom also cooperates with other companies and institutions in their research and development projects. Odom has hosted Teledyne RDI aboard their boat for an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler demonstration project in Tampa Florida and has assisted researchers at Tulane University characterizing sand-wave movement on the Mississippi River. Its most extensive demonstration project was the multi-stop “Fluid Mud Tour” sponsored by the USACE’s ERDC located in Vicksburg Mississippi. The tour saw the boat make stops in nearly all of the Corps districts along the Gulf of Mexico and up the Atlantic Coast as far north as the Philadelphia district.