International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

WHEREAS The United States Congress has passed acts mandating that the Federal Government will construct operate and maintain the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from Norfolk Virginia to the St. Johns River in Florida and the Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville Florida to Miami Florida (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Waterway) and

WHEREAS the United States Congress is currently unable to provide the amount of funding necessary from its discretionary budget on an annual basis to properly maintain the Waterway at its authorized depth and width and

WHEREAS the failure to fund the proper maintenance of the Waterway is resulting in the loss of utility commerce economy jobs property values public safety and enjoyment of the international national state regional and local commercial and recreational Waterway users and the citizens of the states of Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia and Florida and

WHEREAS a permanent solution to the annual funding shortfall for the maintenance of the Waterway must be implemented by Congress so that the Waterway can provide the maximum benefits to its users and beneficiaries.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the members of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association at their annual meeting in Wrightsville Beach North Carolina on November 16 2006 that; the Association calls upon the United States Congress to identify and implement a permanent dedicated funding source for the maintenance of the Waterway.

PASSED AND ADOPTED this 16th day of November 2006 at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina.

By its Chairman Attested to by its Secretary