International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

In November 2005 Metso Minerals signed a $1016804 contract with OSJ “Leningrad River Port” in St. Petersburg Russia for the supply of dredge pumps Hydra-Jets spares and service.

The supply and service contract included three Matri-X MA-54 Metso Thomas dredge pumps three 20-inch Mark I Thomas Hydra-Jets spare parts for the pumps and sight supervision service for installation and testing.

After installation and start-up OSJ purchased a fourth Matri-X MA-54 in July 2006 which was delivered in November 2006.

The equipment is used by Leningrad River Port to upgrade their fleet of sand handling Hydra-Loaders which unload sea sand from hopper barges. The sea sand is mined from offshore locations and transported to the Leningrad River Port for unloading processing warehousing and delivery to the end user for infrastructure and construction projects.

The Matri-X pumps were chosen because they would allow the OSJ to use their existing motors and drive arrangement. The Metso pumps matched the flow and head requirements specified by the customer.

The Hydra-Jets were chosen to assist the suction efficiency of the pumps due to the long suction piping arrangement and high static lift requirements of the Hydra-Loaders. The Thomas Hydra-Jet is a device installed in the suction pipe of dredges through which high pressure water is introduced into a venturi. The movement of the water through the venturi increases the velocity resulting in a reduction of pressure and a partial vacuum. Atmospheric pressure acts on this partial vacuum and forces a mixture of water and dredged material up the suction pipe. This suction assist increases the percent solids of the slurry and therefore increases production of the pumping system. The Hydra-Jet also aids in pump priming and helps reduce cavitation.

In December 2005 an additional $506282 contract was signed with OSJ for the supply of Thomas dredge pumps and Hydra-Jets for dredges working in lake sand operations.

The Metso Thomas equipment consists of two Thomas L36 (14x12x36) pumps and two Thomas 16-inch Mark II Twin Hydra-Jets. This equipment will be used to upgrade the pumping equipment on the dredge Manushkino and associated equipment in St. Petersburg Russia.

After installation and start-up a third and fourth L36 Thomas dredge pump and a R40WD (18x18x40) were ordered and delivered in early 2007.

A delegation from OSJ and RUDAS the dredge operators visited the U.S. in December 2005 and viewed Matri-X and Thomas Simplicity pumps working in central Florida. A return trip to Louisiana and the southern U.S. is planned for February 2007.

Making the trip from Russia was Sergey Andreev general director of “Leningrad River Port” Vladimir Sofronov commander of the “Hydra Loader” and Alexander Sentyavov senior mechanical engineer. Representing Metso Minerals CIS-Moscow were Alexander Varga sales manager MP and Anatoly Kondrashov senior technologist (MPR).

OSJ “Leningrad River Port” is a part of the LSR Group which has 15000 employees and is the largest construction holding of the Northeast Region of the Russian Federation. LSR Group specializes in infrastructure development and construction projects which includes the industrial extraction of sea sand.

Metso is a global engineering and technology corporation. Its 25000 employees in more than 50 countries serve customers in the pulp and paper industry rock and minerals processing the energy industry and selected other industries.