International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The registration deadline is today (August 14) for the conference |!|Managing Sediments in the Watershed: Bringing
Dredged Material and Watershed Managers Together|!| Portland OregonAugust 29-31 2006.

The National Dredging Team and SIMOR (Subcommittee
on Integrated Management of Ocean Resources) are sponsoring this conference to strengthen coordination among dredged material sediment and watershed managers. SIMOR is the interagency committee in Washington DC that is charged with carrying out the U.S. Ocean Action Plan.

People who should attand are those tasked with dredging and
overseeing dredging (primarily USACE EPA and States) keeping the ports open and running recovering from large storm and run-off events (e.g. |!|Katrina|!|) are looking upstream and into watersheds for opportunities to control sediment sources as well as opportunities to use dredged material for beneficial uses such as wetland restoration.

Also dredging activities should become more coordinated withecological conditions of the streams shorelines and harbors where materials are moved or removed. The conference will look at dredging from a |!|watershed|!| perspective including the way that we look at
watersheds as catchments as well as the effects of nearshore and offshore currents and their interactions with sediment yields from contributing drainageways.

Dredging is a necessary reality especially since keeping our ports and waterways open is as much a matter of
national security as it is economic viability. This conference is an attempt to begin to have understanding and coordination where possible between the people tasked with carrying out dredging and navigation
projects and those who manage watershed sediment production.

While titled a conference the agenda is in a workshop format. There will have a number of breakout groups for participants to provide their experience and thoughts to contribute to the conference conclusions and next steps.

For further information and for registration:

Note that the deadline for registration is August 14.