International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

A very special event was held on January 14th for both Manson Construction Co. and its employees as well as for Glenn and Janet Edwards. The christening of the newest addition to the Manson fleet of equipment was held in Mobile Alabama. The hopper dredge “Glenn Edwards” was officially christened by Janet Edwards under clear but breezy skies at the Alabama Shipyard in Mobile. Guests from Manson Atlantic Marine suppliers and public officials were on hand to welcome this amazing vessel into Manson’s hopper dredge fleet.

The |!|Glenn Edwards|!| is the largest hopper dredge in the United States. Officially designed by Hal Hockema & Associates this 12000 cubic yard capacity monster is 390 feet long 76 feet wide and 42 feet deep (as a comparison Manson’s first hopper dredge the |!|Westport|!| has a 1500 cubic yard capacity). Unofficially Manson folk like Glenn Edwards Eric Haug Pat McGarry Henry Schorr and Dave Gertsch (wait didn’t he retire?!?) had some design and construction input as well. Pete Paup and Fred Paup were also a key part of making this dredge a reality on the financial end. Without the computer genius of Paul Huber and Dan Stephens the parts and pieces wouldn’t have made it onto paper to then be built.

Work began on the dredge in the fall of 2004 at the Alabama Shipyard. The crew from the shipyard has been great to work with and Manson is appreciative of the efforts they have put forth under some occasionally trying conditions such as Hurricane Katrina. When the dredge really started coming together in the spring of 2005 more Manson folk were called on to head to Alabama to keep the shipyard crew pointed in the direction Manson wanted. After Henry Schorr started dividing his time between the Seattle office and the Alabama Shipyard office handling the paperwork trail Don Brunson went south and managed the day to day supervision (from Manson’s standpoint) of actual dredge construction.

Daric Latham Darren Gieger and Brian Appleton (part of Manson’s team of phenomenal mechanics) have all been a huge part of getting the mechanical and electrical components installed and running. Gary Smith Manson’s Hopper Dredge Manager came over from the Manson Gulf office in Houma Louisiana to offer his assistance as well.

Henry Schorr had regularly sent photos of construction progress to the Seattle office for everyone to see. The photos do not begin to do justice to this “ship” that has been built and will be flying a Manson flag! After having a tornado warning the Friday before the christening in Mobile (fortunately no tornados arrived in the city) Saturday dawned bright and sunny which for those of us coming from Seattle it was nice to have some sun since we left on our 24th day of consecutive rainfall in Seattle. After a morning reception at the shipyard Ron McAlear from Atlantic Marine Eric Haug Pete Paup Henry Schorr and Glenn Edwards made a few comments and then the guests of honor made their way down to the bow of the dredge.

Janet Edwards gave a “no holds barred” swing of the bottle and officially christened the dredge the Glenn Edwards. She got quite a champagne shower! A tour of the dredge was followed by a luncheon at the Bienville Club in downtown Mobile.

This is such a huge accomplishment for Manson Construction and an equally huge honor for Glenn Edwards. Manson now has the largest hopper dredge and the most modern dredging fleet in the United States. It is named in honor of a true Manson pioneer and visionary Glenn Edwards. During his 50 plus years at Manson Glenn has taken Manson from a Pacific Northwest based pile driving firm to a diverse marine construction company that performs work all over the world. It was under Glenn’s guidance that Manson entered the hopper dredge industry with the construction of the |!|Westport|!| some 30 years ago so it is very fitting that this new most modern giant be named on his behalf. Now under the watch of Manson President Eric Haug Manson Construction is poised to reach yet another level of capability with the addition of the Glenn Edwards to its fleet.

Just about everyone who is employed in the Seattle office and yard of Manson Construction had at least some part in getting this dredge built.