International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

SAIC has purchased two additional Klein System 3000 digital side scan sonars from International Industries Inc. SAIC will use the units in support of their contracts with the National Ocean Survey of NOAA and other hydrographic survey contracts.

These are the fifth and sixth Klein System 3000 systems SAIC has purchased from III for these purposes. SAIC also is using the Klein 5500 they purchased earlier from III to support NOAA and their other hydrographic activities.

The side scans feature PC-based operation with SONARPRO™ software and Advanced Signal processing and transducers.
Chic Ransone president of International Industries stated |!|We believe that these Klein 3000 sonars make up the backbone of the hydrographic side scan sonar work being done at the present time because they not only are an excellent technological tool they are an excellent value.|!|