International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

On September 6 the International Association of Dredging Companies celebrated its 40th anniversary and at the same time introduced Terra 100 — the 100th edition of its publication Terra et Aqua. Since 1972 Terra et Aqua has been the flagship publication of the IADC and a major vehicle for disseminating dredging information to the world at large.

The magazine was presented on the second day of the International Conference on Port-Maritime Development and Innovation at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. In a special ceremony IADC President Robert van Gelder handed over the first three jubilee editions to Peter Struijs vice president Port of Rotterdam; Erik van den Eede president of the International Navigation Association; and Toh Ah Cheong director of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

The jubilee issue of Terra et Aqua includes a selection of infrastructure projects of the last 40 years in which the private dredging industry played a crucial role. The magazine also shows how dredging has contributed to world trade coastal defence urban and industrial development energy supplies and development of ecology and tourism. The photographs that accompany the texts are a testimony to forty years of intensive infrastructure construction. They show the projects that have changed the way we live and play and how the dredging and marine construction industry has helped to change the world.

|!|Dredging is one of those hidden industries that most people know little about — until it impacts them in some direct way. And then too often it seems controversial. When in reality it is such an important part of our daily lives|!| said editor Marsha Cohen. |!|When we realized that the 40th anniversary of IADC and the 100th issue of Terra et Aqua coincided in 2005 it gave us a reason to reflect to think about what the private dredging industry had been doing for forty years.

|!|To be honest once we started gathering material we were rather overwhelmed by the achievements. The people in the IADC companies reached back in their memories and came up with fascinating stories about these projects. I think when they look at the book they’ll have a new realization of how important dredging has been to progress in our modern world – things like expanded world trade which couldn’t take place without port development. Or land reclamation for housing on our over-populated planet. Or laying pipelines for offshore gas and oil delivery without which our world comes to a grinding halt. And of course not to forget coastal defenses in low-lying areas.

|!|Someone called this edition a ‘National Geographic’ of dredging and maritime construction projects. Hopefully the public at large seeing these great color photos will understand better what an exciting tool dredging can be for improving and protecting our world|!| she said.

Current Terra et Aqua subscribers automatically receive the anniversary issue. For new subscribers and extra orders Terra et Aqua 100 is available for $12 (€ 10) soft cover or $18 (€ 15) hard cover and can be ordered at or through e-mail

Starting with the 101st issue Terra et Aqua is available free of charge (on request) to individuals or organizations with a professional interest in dredging and maritime construction. Register at or e-mail