International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The National Waterways Conference 45th Aniversary meeting scheduled for September 14 through 16 in New Orleans has been re-scheduled for late October or early November after the New Orleans area was devestated by Hurricane Katrina.

Worth Hager NWC director and Alison Heath are exploring alternative meeting locations.

On the NWC website Hager and Heath posted this message:
“But our Annual Meeting is nothing in comparison to the suffering and need of those within the area of impact. Please do whatever you can do aid in relief efforts. We would also appreciate you passing on any information you receive on the welfare of our colleagues!

|!|And cheer and support the Corps of Engineers…what most don’t know is that THEY are contracted by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) to be first on the scene for water and roofs etc.”

See the NWC website: for updates.