International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Report from Worth Hager National Waterways Conference.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) announced a major reorganization of the committee and subcommittees on Wednesday February 9.

In order to streamline and expedite the consideration of annual appropriations billsLewis proposed a reorganization of the 13 subcommittees down to 10. The proposal is not yet final–it will need to be ratified by the full Appropriations Committee at the reorganization meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday afternoon February 15.

Under Lewis’s plan the functions of the District of Columbia; Legislative; and Veterans Housing and Independent Agencies subcommittees would be merged into other subcommittees. Energy and Water would continue to be chaired by Rep. David Hobson (R-OH) and would pick up all the Department of Energy programs that were handled by the Interior subcommittee as well as Weatherization Assistance Grants that were administered by the Labor HHS Subcommittee. NASA and the science-based programs which were rumored tomove to Energy and Water under Congr. Tom Delay’s plan will now go to a reformulated Science State Justice and Commerce subcommittee under the leadership of Frank Wolf of Virginia.

There is as yet no word on what the Senate will do although we do expect they will also have a subcommittee shakeup. Most doubt that there will be a total |!|match-up|!| with the House as it is probable that the Senate will
retain at least the Legislative Branch subcommittee.