International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Water Resources Development Act was not amended to the $388 billion omnibus appropriations package passed by the House of Representatives late Friday November 19.

But the bill included funding for water projects requested by Congressmen from various states and a number of dredging projects were in the package.

Some of the projects include in Arkansas funding for dredging of the McClellan Kerr Arkansas River Navigation system cutoff the White River Osceola Harbor and the Ouachita and Black Rivers ($7 million). Arkansas also received $51 million for maintenance of Mississippi River levees.

The State of New Jersey will receive $350 million for ongoing and future deepening and maintenance of channels in the Port of New York and New Jersey.

Oregon will receive $9 million for deepening the Columbia River channel from 40 feet to 43 feet. With local contributions from the states of Oregon and Washington a contract on this project could be advertised in Spring 2005.

The Commonwealth of Virginia as been allocated $33 million including $22 million for the ongoing deepening project at Wilmington Harbor $4.1 million for maintenance dredging in Morehead City and $8.2 million for maintenance dredging in Wilmington.

Editor’s note: We will report on other allocations for dredging as they are announced.