International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Several key actions were taken yesterday by the American Association of Port Authorities’ (AAPA) Legislative Policy Council (LPC) at the Association’s 93rd annual convention being held this week in Long Beach California. The LPC is comprised of port directors representing each region of AAPA’s U.S. Delegation.
As part of AAPA’s Quality Partnership Initiative (QPI) the LPC approved the Association’s active involvement in the development of performance measures for the Corps of Engineers program.
The LPC also approved new AAPA policy on several environmental issues including:
– Supporting expanding EPA’s diesel emission reduction incentive programs to include port and harbor diesel engines;
– Supporting revisions to EPA General Conformity regulations to treat port construction emissions similar to highway construction emissions;
– Supporting the intent of S. 2488 the Marine Debris Research and Reduction Act and work with Congress to revise the section on disposal of waste to make it compatible with facility operations.

In other action the LPC discussed short sea shipping salvage regulations dredging issues maritime security other environmental issues and highway program reauthorization.