International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

VOSTA LMG dredge designer and builder is participating in the following new dredge projects around the world. In addition to the vessels described the company has a steady flow of orders for spare parts.

Hopper dredge Shenhua (see cover)
The trailing suction hopper dredge Shenhua was launched at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai on Tuesday May 18. Finalization including sea trials was underway at the beginning of September under the direction of Vosta’s project manager Thomas Schattling. He expects final delivery to be by the end of October.

The dredge is being built by VOSTA LMG for Huanghua Port. With a capacity of 5000 cubic meters the Shenhua is the largest known hopper dredge known to be built in China.
Board members of Huanghua Port and Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard participated in the launching ceremony along with officials from VOSTA LMG.

Huanghua Port on the northwest coast of China belongs to the Shenhua Group and is the main hub for worldwide transport of coal excavated from mines in northern China. Continuous dredging is required to maintain the entrance to the port which led the Shenhua Group to invest into their own hopper dredge.

VOSTA delivered the complete engineering package and the dredging components and has complete technical responsibility for building the vessel.

Specifications: Shenhua
Hopper capacity: 5000 m³
Length over all: 122 m
Breadth: 22 m
Depth: 7.70 m
Draft (on dredging freeboard): 6.90 m
Dredging depth: 26 m
Deadweight: 7530 dwt
Installed power: 10.870kW
Speed: 14.3 knots
Pumps: two VOSTA HPD-900 dredge pumps
Suction pipe diameter: ND 900 mm
Officers and crew: 45 persons
Classification: acc. to CCS

The Khaleej Bay
VOSTA LMG was appointed by De Groot Nijkerk (recently renamed Damen Dredging) to design and supply the cutter system spud system and dredging winches for a cutter suction dredge (CZ600) for Middle East dredge and reclamation contractor Gulf Cobla LLC.

The vessel was built at Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Co. in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates and named Khaleej Bay on March 9 2004.

The cutter and spud system consisting of the ladder cutterhead and spud carrier were shipped to Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Co. early in September 2003 and assembled under VOSTA LMG supervision. The dredge was commissioned at the end of February 2004. The cutterhead (type SC-40) was designed to work with sand clay and soft rock. The dredge will be working on various projects in the Middle East.

Specifications: Khaleej Bay
Length overall: 61 m
Breadth molded: 14 m
Depth to main deck: 3.75 m
Dredging depth: 16 m
Cutter power: 900 kW
Discharge pipe diameter: 600 mm

Hopper Dredge Mecca
The 10000 cubic meter trailing suction hopper dredge Mecca was scheduled for delivery to the Suez Canal Authority. The dredge was built at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Kobe Japan. Vosta project manager Joachim Pflug was in Egypt for final commissioning and sea trials at the beginning of September with delivery to the customer expected before the end of October.

CSD500 for Iran
Vosta has received a contract to provide engineering and a components package for a CSD500 cutterhead dredge for SADRA Omid Chabahar Iran. It is scheduled for completion in 2005.

The self-propelled dredge is equipped with spud carrier spud tilting anchor booms and hydraulic capstans.
The component package will include a type SC10 cutterhead designed to work in sand clay and soft rock; dredge automation an inboard dredge pump electrical system the complete hydraulic system and the propulsion units.
Engineering and a full service and training package will be provided by VOSTA LMG.

The dredge will be built in Iran by the owner in close cooperation with VOSTA LMG and scheduled for completion in 2005. The owner plans to use the dredge for creating his shipyard basin and for maintenance work in the free trade zone of Chabahar.

Specifications: Dredge for SADRA
Length overall: 49 meters
Breadth molded: 10.5 meters
Dredging depth:14 meters
Suction pipe diameter: 550 mm
Discharge pipe diameter: 500 mm
Total installed power: 1510 kW
Accommodation: 4 persons

Chabahar originally called |!|Char-bahar|!| meaning Four Springs is part of the Sistan and Balouchestan province in the southeast part of the Islamic Republic of Iran adjacent to the Oman sea. Chabahar stretches north to the Nikshahr province west to Kerman and Hormozgan south to the Sea of Oman and east to Pakistan. The port of Chabahar is the largest oceanic port in Iran and its channels leads to the Persian Gulf.The development of Chabahar as a free trade zone and port started in 1993. A US$100 million contract with a consortium of Indian companies to set up a container terminal at the port of Chabahar has been signed and a railroad leading to Afghanistan is expected to be ready in 2007.Chabahar has a population of 65000 and there is a 25-year development master plan to locate 300000 people in this area.

Persian (Farsi) is the official language used although the native people of Chabahar speak mainly Baluchi which is derived from Hindi languages.

Chabahar Free Trade and Industrial Zone has the following goals and development objectives: to accelerate the implementation of infrastructures and development plans; to enhance economic growth; to raise the level of both Iranian and foreign investment; to actively participate in regional and international markets; to produce and export industrial and processed goods; to regulate the labor and product markets; to create sound and productive employment; to provide public services.