International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Norfolk District Engineer at the request of The United States Fish and Wildlife Service Hadley Massachusetts has established a Local Order effective immediately authorizing a Danger Zone along portions of Plum Tree Island National Wildlife Refuge Poquoson Virginia (in Chesapeake Bay).

The public comment period on the order ends September 17 2004.

The order states in part: “Recent inspections indicate the presence of unexploded ordinance within the boundaries of the area outlined in this order. The District Engineer has determined that this order is necessary in safeguarding the public and the environment and is not contrary to public interest. Further studies will be conducted over the next year to determine the full extent of the hazards and the designated area adjusted as necessary to protect the public. Should the studies conclude that the hazards do not exist to the extent defined in this order then the size of the area will be reduced.

|!|The area: The waters within an area beginning at Mean High Water on the shore east of Whalebone Island at latitude 37°08’41”N longitude 76°19’58” W; then northwest to a point off of Whalebone Island at latitude 37°08’56” N longitude 76°19’41” W; thence southeast to latitude 37°08’39” N longitude 76°19’29” W; latitude 37°08’35” N longitude 76°19’12” W; latitude 37°08’22” N longitude 76°18’56” W; latitude 37°08’23” N longitude 76°18’38” W; latitude 37°08’16” N longitude 76°18’26” W; latitude 37°08’09” N longitude 76°18’21” W; latitude 37°08’04” N longitude 76°18’08” W; latitude 37°07’54” N longitude 76°18’03” W; latitude 37°07’55” N longitude 76°17’52” W; latitude 37°07’49” N longitude 76°17’40” W; latitude 37°07’44” N longitude 76°17’37” W; latitude 37°07’36” N longitude 76°17’22” W; latitude 37°07’43” N longitude 76°17’29” W; to a position southeast of Plumtree Point at latitude 37°07’30” N longitude 76°17’24” W; then along the shore generally southwest beginning at latitude 37°07’08” N longitude 76°17’56” W; thence to latitude 37°06’51” N longitude 76°17’59” W; latitude 37°06’46” N longitude 76°18’03” W; latitude 37°06’41” N longitude 76°18’12” W; latitude 37°06’34” N longitude 76°18’21” W; latitude 37°06’38” N longitude 76°18’35” W; latitude 37°06’42” N longitude 76°18’3” W thence to a point on shore at Mean High Water in position; latitude 37°06’46” N longitude 76°18’35” W.

|!|No vessel or persons may enter the Danger Zone established in accordance with this regulation without the permission of the District Engineer or persons or agencies authorized to act in his/her behalf.

This order shall remain in effect until July 31 2005 unless changes or formal regulations are developed.|!|

Contact Information: For the latest information regarding the danger zone or for permission to enter the area Rick Henderson Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch phone 757- 441-7653 or check the web site at Technical issues contact Adriane James: 757-441-7701.

Chief Regulatory Branch
Norfolk District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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