International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Wilco Marsh Buggies LLC has been in business for more than 27 years manufacturing amphibious hydraulic undercarriages for a wide range of equipment — primarily hydraulic excavators.

Payload on these undercarriages ranges from a few tons up to thirty tons. In most instances the hydraulic system of the excavator is used to propel the undercarriage. In these instances Wilco supplies a mounting ring compatible with the excavator upper along with a hydraulic swivel travel motors and brakes and final drive gear boxes.
Wilco also offers self-propelled amphibious hydraulic undercarriages. These units can be used to support cranes and other lifting equipment ditchers for crust management and mosquito control and most any kind of equipment needing a self propelled amphibious undercarriage. A wide range of engines and hydraulic components is available.
Applications include dredged material placement site construction pipeline clearing and excavation land reclamation hazardous waste clean up levee work swamp logging high-line construction disaster rescue oilfield work and any other work requiring amphibious soft terrain equipment.

The company maintains a large inventory of amphibious excavators and custom designs equipment to specific projects. Examples of projects their equipment has been used for are developing rice fields in Indonesia working for the oil industry in Africa land reclamation in Abu Dhabi and road building in Peru.

Wilco’s parts department maintains replacement parts for most lines of amphibious equipment.

The company has fabrication facilities in Harvey and Lafayette Louisiana.