International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

W912DR-04-C-0023 / W912DR-04-B-0008. Maintenance Dredging Wicomico River Wicomico and Somerset Counties Maryland. Awarded to Cottrell Contracting Corporation for $1591131 on March 31 2004 by the Baltimore District Corps of Engineers.

W912P8-04-C-0032 / W912P8-04-B-0035. Maintenance Dredging Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Miles 47.8 to Mile 33.8 (Non-Continuous) St. Bernard Parish Louisiana. Awarded to Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Company for $3439000 line items 0001 through 0004AA on April 8 2004 by the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers.

DACW1702R0016 / W912EP04C0021. Maintenance Dredging 15-Foot Project Miami River Cut-1 thru Cut-48 Miami Harbor Florida. Awarded to Weston/Bean Joint Venture for $11800000 line item 0001 on April 9 2004 by the Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers.

W912P8-04-C-0033 / W912P8-04-B-0016. Atchafalaya Basin Berwick Bay Harbor Cutterhead Dredge Rental No. 1-2004 St. Mary Parish Louisiana. Awarded to Mike Hooks Inc for $608251 line items 0001 2 3 5 & 0007 (Lot 4) on April 16 2004 by the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers.

W912P4-04-C-0008 / W912P4-04-B-0006. Maintenance Dredging Rochester Harbor Rochester Monroe County New York. Awarded to Luedtke Engineering Company for $346 300 bid schedule A on April 20 2004 by the Buffalo District Corps of Engineers.

W912DW-04-C-0002 / W912DW-04-B-0004. Outer Harbor Maintenance Dredging (FY04) Grays Harbor Washington. Awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company for $682428 line items 0001 thru 0003AB on April 23 2004 by the Seattle District Corps of Engineers.