International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Innerspace Technology has delivered a personal watercraft survey system (PWSS) to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense and Royal Marines.

The PWSS will be used in the littoral or surf zone for confidential military surveys. The contract amount is undisclosed.

This PWSS consists of Yamaha XLT800 watercraft Innerspace 455 survey depth sounder Northstar 941XD GPS and TSS DMS25 motion compensator. Integral wiring is via quick disconnects so electronics can be easily removed for use on other vessels.

The Northstar 941XD GPS has waypoint navigation display for operator steering and the TSS DMS25 motion compensator smoothes the 455 sounder chart recordings by minimizing the effect of heave and wave action on the depth recordings. The 455 survey depth sounder is ideal for PWSS because it is small and lightweight and after initial setup operates automatically out of sight in the front compartment.

Innerspace has delivered a number of PWSS’s in a variety of configurations including using Trimble and Ashtech RTK GPS for position. All PWSS’s use the 455 survey sounder as a core component.

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