International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

This year the dredging presence at the Europort Exhibition in Amsterdam promises to be vital and appealing. Many companies are introducing new products and we will visit those displays and report on them in the issues to come.

The Central Dredging Association has an important line-up of talks for their Dredging Days on November 20 and 21 in addition to a celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary.

Here in the U.S. the court decision that the intention of the Oceans Act of 1992 was to limit the activities of Bean Stuyvesant to contracts involving the dredge Stuyvesant ordered the Corps of Engineers to award a $9 million contract to Norfolk Dredging Company the second bidder. This issue contains an explanation of the proceedings by Michael Payne attorney for the plaintiff in addition to a statement by Jim Bean CEO of Bean Stuyvesant LLC.

Though the bid amounts did not figure in the case they were close and I thought it would be worthwhile to note them here:

The government estimate was $8987900. The bidders in order from low to high were Bean Stuyvesant: $9570800; Norfolk Dredging Company: $9577560; Weeks Marine Inc. $9779250; and Great Lakes Dredge & Dock: $10486250.

* * *

The Corps Dredge Thompson has been a familiar sight on the Upper Mississippi River since the 1930’s. The self-propelled cutter suction dredge and its discharge pipeline pontoons travel as one unit the right size to fit into the locks it encounters on the journey. The nature of the river is such that shoaling can appear in a short time and the Thompson must go where dredging is necessary working in response to the St. Paul District’s agile hydrographic survey boats.

I have no doubt that the stately Thompson will be missed by the crew and the local residents while they are welcoming the new dredge which will be delivered next year.

* * *

This is the final issue of 2003. We went to a bi-monthly schedule this year and our annual index included in this issue shows as many articles as in former years so the elimination of two issues did not reduce the amount of information we published. Much of the credit for this efficiency goes to our business manager Len Cors whose organizational abilities are unsurpassed. He has computerized our directory updating operation and we anticipate the most accurate and on-time directory ever – in February 2004.

My thanks to all subscribers and advertisers who support our mission of bringing accurate and independent reporting to the dredging industry.

Judith Powers

Editor and Publisher